Thursday, 1 November 2007

A Cornish Demand for their Rights

The Manager
Customer Contact Centre
Room 1.015
Office for National Statistics
Cardiff Road
NP10 8XG

1st November, 2007

Dear Sir


You may be aware that there have been growing demands for a specific Cornish tickbox to be included in the 2011 census to afford the Cornish people parity with the other national minorities and ethnicities and their Celtic brethren, the Welsh, Scottish, Irish and Manx.

Cornish people have attended every ONS workshop to this end and the Director of Census attended a special session held in Truro, Kernow which was extremely well attended.

At the International Annual General Meeting of the Celtic League, the following resolution was accepted:

´That the Annual General Meeting of the Celtic League in Cardiff on 29th September, 2007, calls upon the Westminster Government and the Office for National Statistics to include a specific Cornish tick box in the Census planned for 2011 so giving the Cornish people parity with the other Celtic Nations and National Minorities of Great Britain.´

Many Cornish organisations have passed similar resolutions and along with our membership will seriously consider refusing to complete the 2011 Census forms unless there is such a tickbox and despite the legal consequences. We so hope that you will recognise the strength of feeling and help us to comply with your requirements made upon us.

Yours faithfully

Philip R Hosking

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