Friday, 30 November 2007

See today/Friday's Western Mail - Readers' Letters


Normal Mouth said...

I can't get hold of a copy, but can I hazard a guess?

"Wales will be free...The Union is dying...Britain is not a Nation...Yesterday's lib to fade.

alanindyfed said...

You are only partly correct.
If you can scroll down you will see the letter published in the Western Mail. There, I helped you!
This particular vision will never fade, unlike the supposed "vision" of your friend G.B. (Mr Britain).

Anonymous said...

Alan, you are surely being a bit unfair on Mr Brown. I'm sure he has no more affection for Britishness than your good self. This British agenda of his is all about what is good for the election prospects of the Labour Party and the need to keep hold of the Celtic fringe lobby fodder.

alanindyfed said...

I can accept your contention that Mr Brown is more concerned about the Labour Party and the support from the Celtic fringe than about the British constitution. After all, this is what Labour has often displayed - self-interest and the lust for power.
It is a party of the people but not for the people. Mr Brown is a Scot who has reneged on his nation. There is no nation of Britain,only "state".

Anonymous said...

alanindyfed said.....

"Mr Brown is a Scot who has reneged on his nation".

That's quite normal, particularly as Mr. Alan Jones is an Englishman who has reneged on HIS nation.

Been taking lessons, have you, Alan?