Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Dragons in Waiting! Published in Friday's Western Mail

The Labour MP Mr Ian Lucas has called for Wales to be represented on the Union flag. Well, it's a start I suppose, but it is also true that a dragon inserted into the Union flag will not make "any difference to the unity of the country", as Conservative unionists say. First of all, which "country" are they talking about? Obviously Britain. Let us not forget that here in Wales it is Wales (or rather Cymru) which is "our country".
Wales is not represented on the flag because Wales was incorporated into England in 1535. Therefore Wales is not interested in being represented on the Union flag. Wales is interested only in flying its own flag, the flag of the Red Dragon.
Not to be included is a disgrace, it is true, but Wales has a perfectly good flag of its own which many people in Wales are proud to fly, on their cars and in their gardens. Long may this continue, and may the flag continue to be the only flag of Wales. Wales has no use for the Union flag because Wales is on the way to independence and the intention is to free Wales from the clutches of the union.


Anonymous said...

Like you Alan I look forward to the day when the dragon flag flies alone over the public buildings of a free Wales.

Unlike you I have a great affection for the Union flag which flew alone when Britain was a light for the world when the rest of Europe was plunged into totalitarian darkness.

Nick, BBC Wales Web Team said...

We've received a couple of dozen comments overnight from people saying the Dragon should not be added to the Union flag.

Anonymous said...

No way - the union jack is also a brand for many actions that not even the English want to be associated with.
Keep our flag ours -I prefer the cross of st david to the draig why can't we have two and swap when we want.