Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Britain is Antiquated and Fundamentally Flawed

As published in the Letter page of the "Western Mail" - Wednesday, November 21st,2007

Gordon Brown has been warned that his promotion of Britishness is in contravention of Wales' devolutionary progress. He should realise that Britain is fundamentally flawed and belongs to an age which is past and gone, never to return. His efforts to restore a ramshackle institution which has outlived its purpose are doomed to failure. Welsh people identify with Wales, a nation in resurgence, and the Scottish people with Scotland. By transforming itself from a socialist party to a bureaucratic pseudo-conservative party embracing capitalist and vaguely totalitarian principles New Labour has lost the Welsh and Scottish votes, and has no hope of winning another election. Popular opinion is quickly moving away from Labour and towards parties which have the peoples' interests at heart. The gap is widening in Britain between the haves and the have-nots, and inequality is on the increase throughout society. Politicians have lost the art of listening to their constituents and are out of touch with the needs and wishes of the electorate. The promotion of Britishness is divisive and is intended to exacerbate divisions in society, between those who cling to Unionist beliefs, though their forebears might have been Welsh loyalists, and those who wish to regain their nation's true and unique identity, and shake loose the ties which bind it to a flawed constitution which does not recognise Wales as a separate entity (For Wales see England). Let those representatives of Wales and Scotland who now fill the seats of the Westminster parliament stand up for their respective nations and promote the interests of their compatriots (the Cymry and the Scots)- or resign. Let them remove their blinkers and see the writing on the wall. In the words of the song:
"I'm a gonna travel on the road to freedom
I'm a gonna travel on the road to freedom,
I'm a gonna travel on the road to freedom,
I'll keep a-travellin' on....."

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