Wednesday, 7 November 2007

The British WRU's Response to the Petition

Thank you so much for your comments about Ray Gravell, a truly great Welshman who will be sadly missed by us all.
The Welsh Rugby Union will acknowledge the sad loss and celebrate his memory at the game against South Africa in November. We will consult with his family and friends before deciding on exactly what action is appropriate and fitting.
Ray had agreed to hand out the shirts to the Welsh team before the South Africa international which adds to the poignancy of this match and its place in his memory.

The Prince William Cup was named to illustrate the important place the history and future of these fixtures will have in both countries and beyond our borders. Ray’s memory has a special place in all our hearts and we will agree a special way to celebrate his life and pay rightful tribute to a devoted family man, a passionate Welshman and a wonderful ambassador for rugby and for Wales


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Anonymous said...

It just makes you want to spew. Then again what else can we expect. I emailed them just like you and got the same answer.

Ive often wondered has Welsh Rugby been as asset or a hindrance to the natalist cause. Are the people of Wales just happy to see us win at rugby, and nothing else.

I know lots of men who are Welsh Nat for only 1 day a year, the day we play the English.

Is this me or does anyone else feel the same way