Friday, 23 November 2007

All Good Things Come to an End

The party's over for New Labour.
The government of Britain is disintegrating, among increasing incidents of incompetence and sleaze. The people have had enough and have lost their trust in the ministers of the Crown. Attention is now being focused on the emerging governments of Wales and Scotland and Northern Ireland. Let Wales and Scotland provide their own funding and take control of their own water supplies, investing in their own growth and prosperity. Ireland has proved that it can be done, and the arguments for financial and economic independence are sound. Taking control of our own resources and manpower will provide a new impetus and stimulate the national economy and stem the flow of labour and talent beyond the borders. Devolved government should be unrestricted and not bound by the necessity to have laws that are passed in Cardiff regulated and approved in London.

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Anonymous said...

Independence for Wales, independence from London and from Brussels ... there's no point exchanging one set of political masters for another.