Monday, 19 November 2007

A View from Wales and a Welsh Lottery

When have Welsh views been considered seriously?
When has Wales been given a voice in matters of defence,law and national security?
When has Wales been seen to have national status except on the rugby field?
When has Wales received adequate funding for its particular problems : poverty, unemployment, social disintegration, community needs, affordable housing?
When will Wales receive its own independent news channels and television coverage?
Why is Wales denied adequate state funding for the National Eisteddfod and other national and cultural activities? Why is lottery money diverted to the London Olympics?
There is now a call for an independent Welsh lottery, with lottery money distributed more equally, and not a lottery with pay-outs running into the millions of pounds.
Money accrued from a Welsh lottery will not be squandered but will be spent wisely on projects which directly benefit the society and cultural needs of the nation. This will reflect the true egalitarian nature and age-old spirit of the Welsh community.
To many there is only one nation, the "British nation", and Wales is still regarded as a regional backwater of England. Until the legislation enacted in 1535 is dissolved and Wales achieves its long-awaited independence this will continue to be the case. To many national consciousness and cultural aspirations are part of fantasy land and a dream which can never be realised. Wales has had to fight for everything it has obtained and the fight for rights and justice will continue. The age of imperialism and domination is at an end. The reason Welsh nationalists are in the House of Commons and the reason they will soon be in the House of Lords is solely to fight for the just rights and privileges for a nation in resurgence, claiming its rightful place as a nation in the heart of Europe.

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