Monday, 12 November 2007

We'll Keep a Welcome

Ireland is a country that has benefited considerably from returning emigrants. Descendants of those who were forced to leave their native land on account of famine, neglect and persecution are flooding back to reinvigorate the country of their ancestors. It has been said that there are a total of 60,000,000 Americans of Irish descent. Then there are many who are descendants of those intrepid Scots and Welsh settlers, who made their home in the New World. There are Welsh societies throughout America and Australia who still retain their devotion to the Land of their Fathers. It is only in Patagonia, however, where the true Welsh traditions, culture and language have survived, as they were not so easily assimilated into the mass society.

We at Plaid Cymru reach out and welcome all immigrants from home and overseas who have made their home in Wales, as well as friends and absent relatives from other lands across the world, to join with us and support us in our endeavours to promote Wales and the culture, language and community of Wales, as we pursue our constant and relentless struggle for justice and dignity, and advance towards our goal of independence and freedom for the country which is our ancestral home. We trust that each and everyone will come to regard Wales as his or her adopted homeland and bear in mind that Plaid alone is the Party of Wales.

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