Saturday, 1 December 2012

YES - The Future for Scotland

The number of supporters who have signed up to the Yes Scotland independence campaign has now crossed the 140,000 mark. This means that the number of people declaring their backing for the campaign – 143,000 - is greater than the combined membership of all of Scotland’s political parties.
There is still a long way to go until we cross the finishing line but reaching this number of declared supporters this early gives us great confidence for a positive result in the referendum.
The signatories to the Yes Declaration have been gathered through the campaign website, initial canvassing and more than 300 campaign events as well as local Yes Group meetings
At the same time we have also been out on the doorsteps all over Scotland with our positive Yes message by delivering just under 2 million postcards and leaflets.
And it is only going to get busier so how can you help us hit the ground running in 2013?
We are a grassroots campaign that relies on donations from people like you to help fund our community-led activities across the country.

 Your donation, of any size, will help us do the same and more over the coming months.
You can support Yes Scotland by setting up a monthly payment or by making a one-off donation. Your donation will go towards one thing, and one thing only – delivering a Yes vote in 2014.
As someone who has signed the declaration you will receive regular campaign and news updates from Yes Scotland. However, for those of you who want to hear about events and campaigning in your local area, you must also sign up as a volunteer. This allows us to tailor the messages you receive from us.
Thank you and happy St Andrews Day
Blair Jenkins,
Chief executive, Yes Scotland
Yes Scotland