Monday, 17 September 2007

New Poll - 83% Favour Self-Government for Wales

It is the 10th Anniversary of the narrow plebiscite which set up the National Assembly of Wales.
But it is clear that the majority of people in Wales do not want the National Assembly - they want a full Parliament for Wales on the Scottish model. They see how Scotland is managing its affairs, free of the restrictions which the Assembly suffers from Westminster and they wish for a similar state of affairs. Support for "Britishness" has declined over the years and people are becoming more receptive to the notion of independence, and this view has wide support in Scotland even more so than Wales. It is even gaining credence in England, as the English shrug off the mantle of "Britishness" and fly the flag of St George. "The people of Scotland rubbished the idea of Britishness years ago" -Alex Salmond.


ryan said...

What you say is misleading. People have not become more receptive to independence. If you look at the figures, support for independence has not changed in 10 years.

Self-government yes! There has been a substantive increase among those who support devolution. Definitely a bit of Plaid Cymru spin going on here Alan.

alanindyfed said...

Not as much spin as you would believe.
The figures do not *necessarily* represent Welsh opinion, and there are many who do not take part in the polls but otherwise may give their vote. Beware of statistics. Better to have your ear to the ground - less fallible!

Anonymous said...

Hang on a bit Alan, you can't have it both ways.

You seemed happy to trust the "statistics" when you thought they supported Independence - your initial argument!

alanindyfed said...

What is it they say?

'Lies, damned lies, and statistics....'