Thursday, 27 September 2007

The Illogical Notion about being British

Let's face it, and there has been much talk about this notion of Britishness in the blogs and in the Labour party conference, there is no such thing as a British nation. In fact if it exists at all the British nation is the Welsh nation. It is the Welsh and Cornish, the Bretons, the Cumbrians, and the people of Strathclyde who are the true Britons and whose descendants can lay claim to the title of the British nation. All the rest are interlopers who happened to adopt the label British and make it their own. These people are the descendants of the Teutons - Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Vikings and Normans (who were themselves of Viking descent), who invaded these islands during and after the Roman occupation. The Celtic peoples, the true Britons, were pushed northwards and westwards into those mountainous areas which they were able to defend with varying degrees of success.
So when Gordon Brown proclaims his Britishness he is perpetuating the illusion. There is no British nation nor has there ever been, in stark reality. Britain is a grouping of nations under one highly unrepresentative flag known as the Union Jack. It is time these wool-gathering politicians confronted the truth and discarded the distorted versions of history which were embedded into the minds of credulous schoolboys for generations, and were later expressed in terms of loyalty to Britain and the British Crown. Logically there cannot be a British nation if there exist the nations of Scotland, Wales and Ireland. There can, however, be an English nation to stand alongside its Celtic neighbours. No longer will these proud nations be dominated and made subject to their restive former ruler. National consciousness among these nations has been awakened and will no longer be stifled, and the politicians of Westminster, whatever their persuasion, will not succeed in capping and containing this Pandora's Box.

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