Friday, 28 September 2007

What is a British Nationalist?

A British Nationalist is a very strange and peculiar creature. A British Nationalist actually believes that there is such a thing as a "British Nation". He/she considers him/herself British, but then goes on to declare him/herself Welsh or Scots or Irish. One cannot logically be both at the same time, as there are groupings which are nations within Britain, but Britain is not and cannot be considered a nation. There is no such thing as "Britishness" as Gordon Brown tries to con people into believing. The Union flag does not represent the peoples of the United Kingdom and should be discarded as having no relevance to the true facts. So is Britain a lie? Have the history books got it all wrong? Have those generations that have been brought up on the feats and exploits and glories of the British Empire been duped? Is it so bad that this anomalous situation should be rectified and that the constitution should be radically overhauled? Until these issues are resolved there will be no solution to the question of identity and nationality within these islands. It is a situation that demand redress. The way forward is to look at the truth and the existential realities of the circumstances which led up to this confusion and attend to the aspirations of the people of the various nations within Britain.

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