Friday, 14 September 2007

Owain Glyndwr Day - a National Holiday? When?

Sunday 16th July will be the commemoration of Owain Glyndwr Day. Not since the year 1402 A.D. has Wales experienced such a growth of a national consciousness that has come into fruition and has been expressed today at the Annual Conference of Plaid Cymru in Llandudno. Ieuan Wyn Jones, leader of the Party of Wales and the Deputy Chief Minister in government gave a speech which was truly magnificent and inspirational.
The hwyl which has resonated across the centuries was present at the conference today, and there is no stopping Wales and the Dragon from fulfilling its great and noble destiny.


Anonymous said...

What can we do to commemorate this day any ideas, sadly most people in wales havent a clue about sep 16, how can we show others and the rest of the world.

alanindyfed said...

Keep writing letters to the newspapers. I do, and more than a dozen have been published.

Anonymous said...

Well Glyndwr day is a much better day for a holiday than St Davids Day. Who wants to have a holiday in the most miserable time of the year - weatherwise. Also all those school Eisteddfods would surely disappear if the kids were all hanging around the streets on March 1st. No let's celebrate good old Owain, he had the right idea ..... a Free Wales.