Sunday, 30 September 2007

Now Nick Bourne Wants Us!

It seems we are in great demand these days! Nick Bourne, leader of the Conservatives in the Welsh Assembly, has called on Plaid members to join the Conservatives. They are doing their best to become the Party of Wales. To tell the truth, there is only one Party of Wales and that is Plaid Cymru.
The philosophy of Conservatives is very different from that of Plaid Cymru, quite apart from the fact that they are a British Party directed from Westminster. Conservatism is based on capitalism and the profit-motive, a policy which the Labour Party has come to espouse. It is less concerned with the welfare of the community and more with the advancement of the individual and his egocentric ambitions. Plaid Cymru on the other hand has more in common with the ideals of international socialism , the creation of a fair and egalitarian society where people are concerned for one another and not solely for their own interests. Its outlook is radical, progressive and classless rather than class-ridden, and it has inherited these principles from the very roots of Welsh tradition and its co-operative community values. Plaid Cymru remains the natural Party of Wales and any members who are tempted to political conversion by the siren call of Nick Bourne will be renouncing their Welsh heritage and betraying the whole ethos of their nation. It is a prospect that no self-respecting Cymro would contemplate.

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