Thursday, 31 July 2008

Waiting in the Wings

Borthlas has recently brought up the allusion - the "sinking ship", and as the days and weeks advance we cannot but feel that the fall from grace is endemic and terminal. It remains to send out the call to man the lifeboats, women and children first - if that courtesy still applies in this age of equality and uniformity. The question is: will the captain be the last to leave the sinking ship, or will he go down with it, as did the captain of the "Titanic"? It is interesting to contemplate the death pangs of a once-proud party, when socialism was a cause worth fighting for, and the class struggle was at its height, with marches in the valleys and speeches in the streets, with mounted police and batons raised to quell the demands of a desperate and down-trodden people.

Those days have gone, thankfully, and firebrand socialism has been replaced by apparent innocuous mediocrity. Labour cast aside its socialist past, describing the left as loonies, and politicians of the old school, such as Michael Foot and his religious comrade-in-arms Trevor Huddlestone, appealed only to the fringe of British political thought though their influence spread far and wide. It was calculated to win over the centre ground and so it did, but it was founded upon expediency rather than principle. There lay its eventual downfall following ten years of government under the charismatic leadership of Tony Blair. The situation could have been very different if Blair had not be there and it had fallen on Gordon Brown to take the helm.

Pride comes before a fall as we have all been told, and the saying is as true today as it has ever been. The captain is at the helm, but the ship is sinking fast and there must be many who are preparing to jump ship. The watered down socialism finally became indistinguishable from the centrist policies of the Conservatives and Liberals all striving to fill the middle ground of politics, and endeavouring to come up with proposals which might catch the public's attention - the abolition of inheritance tax for example.

There were mistakes - the cosy alliance with America and the adoption of its risky military strategy: "make the world safe for democracy" and invade other sovereign nations to impose it, without a plan or exit strategy; the placing of education as a priority, without considering the ramifications or teaching the pupils to be literate - claiming GCSE successes by allowing standards to fall; throwing money at the national health service without improving the quality of service; closing rural schools and post offices and withdrawing council services - wasting and squandering public money on prestige projects, starting with the Millenium Dome; cracking down on terrorism and external threats without paying attention to internal societal breakdown - anti-social behaviour, drugs and murder in the streets of major cities. The list goes on...and on.... a catalogue of errors and mismanagement!

In Wales, and in Scotland there are parties, socialist in background and philosophy, which are waiting in the wings. We know who they are. They are the future saviours of these islands, the beacons of hope, and they point the way ahead, if only public percipience will provide them with the support they need. They are waiting in the wings to take over where Labour has failed and they have youth on their side. Their appeal is to the perspicacious intellectual youth, who are growing up in a different age, an age of new challenges, as Europe develops into a powerful grouping of nations. Change is in the air and unless we can meet the challenges of the age we are doomed. As with nature, he who adapts survives. Is Labour on the point of extinction? Is this the end-game for Labour?

Petition Time Again

.... but will it Make a Difference?

Please forward this onto a few more Cymry...

"We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to oppose the British Olympic Association's attempts to create a 'British' football team to take part in the 2012 Olympics in London."

(from Ray Bell the Scot)

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Establishing Clear Water

Wales and England have become so inextricably linked in so many areas, not only by the bridges over the Severn, that I feel it is a necessity, for the sake of establishing a clear separate national identity for Wales, to distinguish the two countries apart. It is an affirmation of existence for both.

We are aware of the considerable differences in culture, in attitude and in mentality between the two nations, but it is important to make people aware, especially on the eastern side of the border that Wales is, and always has been a distinct entity, with its own customs and rituals, in social and cultural activities and in sport. It is not enough to say that there are separate policies in existence with regard to medical prescriptions and hospital car-parking charges. These are minor examples, and I am saying that we need to emphasise the real differences, and not to think of trifles. For too long, the people of Wales have suffered from an inferiority complex vis-a-vis its neighbour, and have doffed their hats to a perceived superior and gentrified society. This accounts for the migration of proud and highfalutin' Welsh gentry - we call them "crachach " - to the south-east of England in seek of fame, fortune and adulation. Furthermore, we can have no doubt about the fact that their haughty presence is still among us.

A similar phenomenon occurred in Scotland with the absconding of the Scottish gentry south to London, not a question of "I'll be in Scotland afore ye..." but "I'll be in London afore ye....". Since then talented Scots have roamed the world far and wide and set up Scottish Societies in foreign capitals overseas. In Indonesia, when I was there in the Eighties there was a thriving Scottish Society which organised an annual Highland Gathering in Jakarta, a hugely spectacular event. The Scottish gentry forsook Scotland, as did the Welsh, and left the nation to its own devices, and to suffer the field enclosures which deprived the ordinary country folk of their sustenance and condemned them to poverty. They were even banned from wearing the tartan of their clan, unless they were perhaps from the defecting clans which threw in their lot with the English. Their natural leaders had disappeared, seduced by the high life of the English capital.

It is interesting to note that even today many Scots make up the UK Labour government, and to a man they are unionist in their convictions, starting at the very top and working down through the ranks. The difference between them and the growing nationalist sentiment in their own native country cannot be over-emphasised.
The loyal Scots at home are from a different ilk and they bear allegiance to an Alex and not a Gordon. It is encouraging that support is growing for them across the land and the old guard are being rejected, and hopefully ejected, as were the Scottish Labour leaders in the Scottish Parliament in very recent times.

Without a doubt Scotland has distanced itself from England (or Britain) in many ways, and the Union flag is now flown on only 18 occasions in the year. In the Irish Republic it has been banished entirely, and not without reason. Let us make an effort in Wales to establish this clear water so that people henceforth will not be confused between what is Britain, what is England, and more than anything, let them know of CYMRU.

Dafydd or Elfyn, or Both?

Paste and read:

Here, the case is put for Dafydd Iwan and Elfyn Llwyd to remain in their respective roles, one as Party President and the other as Leader of Plaid in Parliament.
Prospective Plaid Parliamentary candidates and up-and-coming leaders support both.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Today's Compelling Reading...

Read and reflect on this :

Paste it into your browser window and look in..."Miss Singh’s case was championed by South Wales Central AM Leanne Wood, and Liberty, an organisation campaigning for the protection of civil liberties and human rights."

Monday, 28 July 2008

The European Free Alliance

Check it out here: (paste into browser window)

and here:

Let's Pause Awhile

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A Boon for Bloggers

The new style bloglist from is undoubtedly a boon for bloggers in that one can view at a glance the topics being aired on recent blogs. It saves a great deal of time as there is no need to go trawling through the Welsh blogosphere to find out what is going on in other areas. Furthermore, it also indicates which blogs are most alive and active, which are dilatory, and which are practically defunct. I recommend that my fellow bloggers in the blogging fraternity display this new-style bloglist on their blog page, so that we all can see at any time what everyone is reporting.

In addition, blogs appear to reflect the physical condition of political parties, as a number of Labour supporting blogs have disappeared off the scene and a number of Plaid blogs have emerged, indicating that Labour is well and truly on the decline and Plaid is on the ascendant and is enjoying a rosy and robust state of health.
Meanwhile Glyn Davies and Peter Black are unceasing in their prolific postings, the former including weddings, grandchildren, birdsong, flower shows and gardening to add to the mix of political rhetoric.

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Now try this....

The Way to Independence

Independence doesn't come by itself. If you really want to be free you have to earn your freedom. You have to dedicate yourself to bringing it about. You have to talk to others about it whenever you get the opportunity, to the point of exhaustion. The good news will be spread throughout the land if you mention the word "independence" at least once a day in your daily life and in your social contacts. It will be infectious, and will become ingrained in the minds of those who never considered it important or worth thinking about. At first you will surely meet with resistance. It is inevitable as a result of the years of conditioning which has formed the minds of those who accepted the status quo unthinkingly, without considering and giving credence to other possibilities and alternative points of view. Nothing is impossible, with the right degree of inspiration, purpose and will. Dreams can change to realities and before you know it you are living a free life in a free land.
There is power in the will to create, to change and make a difference. The time to start is now, is always now.... and "independence" will be on the lips of all.

The Wales Office v. A Welsh Parliament

Wales Office is facing the axe
Jul 27 2008 by Matt Withers, Wales On Sunday

THE Wales Office is set to be scrapped as part of Gordon Brown’s long-awaited autumn reshuffle and merged into a new “super-department” for the UK’s nations and regions.....

Nothing is changed - the Wales Office will merely be merged with other national offices into the "super-department". It is purely cosmetic and LCOs will continue to be passed through the department on their tortuous journey into enactment as a law. The government is fond of making these cosmetic changes, which make no difference, drawing attention away from their sorry state it would appear.
Gordon Brown is obviously still hanging on to the belief that Britain is in charge and that the devolved areas of Britain can be administered through a unified department. It is back-tracking on devolution in a vain attempt to retain British identity and not separate national identities. He still refers to Britain as "a nation" and "this country of ours".
That's what it's all about.

Plaid Cymru in the Assemby could condemn the whole unworkable system of LCOs. I don't know who dreamed up the idea but inevitably it causes problems in the speed and efficiency of getting Welsh laws enacted and ratified. I don't know if this was the hidden intention, but it works against devolution and not with it.
The answer is undoubtedly a Welsh Parliament and Labour should understand this and if not Plaid should confront them with some cogent and indisputable arguments.

Alan in Dyfed

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Politics in the 21st Century

Why is it that there are so many politicians who are out-of-touch with the world of today? Their thoughts are still in a 20th Century time-warp and they cannot see that the times are changing very rapidly, along with the wishes and desires of the public they claim to represent.

They are attempting use use the past to deal with present matters and their thinking is not forward-looking but retrogressive. The obvious direction of European politics is for small nations which have a long-standing grievance against their more dominant neighbours, notably England, France and Spain, to assert themselves through the promotion of their native cultures and languages and become fully-fledged nation-states within Europe. This entails giving them a parliament which sends representatives to the European Parliament in Brussels. It also recognises their separate identities, their cultures and their languages, their right to govern themselves as part of the wider European federation.

This is devolution but not regionalism. It recognises the unique identity of nations such as Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Brittany, Euskadia(Basque) and others, and provides the means whereby the people of these nations can express themselves and make their voices heard in the European community. It makes more sense and is far more democratic, by allowing the people to have a say in their own national affairs. Thus, there would be no question about arguing for a national holiday (St David's Day) or recognising lost battle sites or building monuments or restoring historic buildings. These matters would be dealt with as a national issue.

A parliament would pass laws far more efficiently than an Assembly creating LCOs which then have to be sent to another parliament for approval. Whoever thought up this system of law-making either intended to slow down the whole process, or was thinking with antediluvian mentality. This is not creative, radical forward-thinking.
It belongs to a different age.

Here's a thought: why not give the bloggers the job of running the country?

Friday, 25 July 2008

The Left Marches to a Different Tune

New Labour (Blue Labour?) is crumbling and falling apart in all directions, but the Left in politics marches on, to a different tune. In the forefront are the pipers, with their skirling melodies, followed by the drummers, beating out their vibrant rhythms, and following them march the men of the new millenium, inspired with a radical, progressive and libertarian vision for a future Cymru, Alba and Kernow. It remains for England to awaken from its slumber of 400 years and realise its potential as a nation among nations, and not a lost land submerged under its cloak of "Britishness". It is time to heed the clarion call and awaken: to "England and St George!"

To the unions : can you really continue to support Labour, whose policies are like the hydrangea changing its colours from pink to blue according to the soil it finds itself planted in? Does Labour put the ordinary working man and woman first, or it is an organism bred purely for survival, concerned only with its continued existence in the halls and corridors of power?

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A Scottish National Anthem

Here is an authorised Gaelic translation

(translation by John Angus Macleod)

O Fhlu\ir na h-Albann,
cuin a chi\ sinn
an seo\rsa laoich
a sheas gu ba\s 'son
am bileag feo\ir is fraoich,
a sheas an aghaidh
feachd uailleil Iomhair
's a ruaig e dhachaidh
air chaochladh smaoin?

Na cnuic tha lomnochd
's tha duilleach Foghair
mar bhrat air la\r,
am fearann caillte
dan tug na seo\id ud gra\dh,
a sheas an aghaidh
feachd uailleil Iomhair
's a ruaig e dhachaigh
air chaochladh smaoin.

Tha 'n eachdraidh du\inte
ach air di\ochuimhne
chan fheum i bhith,
is faodaidh sinn e\irigh
gu bhith nar Ri\oghachd a-ri\s
a sheas an aghaidh
feachd uailleil Iomhair
's a ruaig e dhachaidh
air chaochladh smaoin.

Newsflash : Earthquake in Scotland!

Scotland is not prone to earthquakes, but yesterday in Glasgow East the earth moved. Moreover, if the earth moved in Glasgow East, which was the third safest Labour seat in the country, how much more would the earth have moved if there had been a general election? The Scots Nationalists would have gained 50 seats. Imagine..... 50+ Scots Nat. MPs in Westminster. Independence would have been granted on the spot, without more shilly-shallying one would suppose. The people of Scotland have spoken and the message they send to their compatriot (?) Gordon Brown cannot be ignored. We must be thankful for the 365 votes, one for every day of the year, that carried the day.
Scotland will never be the same again, and neither will the British constitution. Yesterday's earthquake has rocked it to its very foundations.

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Thursday, 24 July 2008

Vindication - We Predicted. He Won!

Independence Cymru predicted "a WIN for John Mason and the SNP" in the Glasgow East By-election, and that he would win "albeit with a small majority" (see this blog link below - "Independence Cymru predicts..."). We asked for a 23% swing and the swing to SNP was 22.54%.
Well, he won, with a small majority, and Alex Salmond's words, that it would be a "political earthquake" have been borne out by the facts. Now, politicians across the United Kingdom must sit up and take notice of the change which is about to sweep away the present constitution, and the growing and insistent call for greater devolution of power leading to independence for the nations of this island of Britain. The people of Glasgow East have shown to the world where their true allegiance lies, and it is with Scotland. No doubt Adam Price, and his merry band of Welsh SNP supporters, helped to make the difference.

SNP candidate John Mason has won the Glasgow East by-election with a 22.54% swing from Labour. Here is the result in full:

John Mason, SNP - 11,277
Margaret Curran, Labour - 10,912
Davena Rankin, Conservative - 1,639
Ian Robertson, Lib Dem - 915
Frances Curran, Scottish Socialist Party - 555
Tricia McLeish, Solidarity - 512
Dr Eileen Duke, Scottish Greens - 232
Chris Creighton, Independent - 67
Hamish Howitt, Freedom 4 Choice - 65
Turnout 42.25%


Looking for a 23% swing to the SNP

Och aye mon, it's asking a lot but one lives in hopes.

Background to the East Glasgow Affair

Paste and read:

MPs Appear to Want to Restrict Assembly Powers

It is another undermining of the authority of the Assembly with an attempt to restrict the number of Legislative Competence Orders. Each law (or LCO passed has to be scrutinised at Westminster).

The answer is to abolish the whole inefficient system and give Wales a free hand in its affairs and a full Parliament. Naturally, when this comes to fruition the powers of MPs to control Welsh Affairs will be drastically eroded.
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Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Election Day in Glasgow East - Remember Culloden!

A comment:

The people of Glasgow East have continued to vote labour even while the area has degraded. I grew up in Easterhouse and could never understand the mentality of 'My dad voted labour and I will too' particularly when the labour city council tried their best to prevent weegies from buying their council homes and basically keep us as far down as possible...the area needs to lose labour and see some real change but to be honest I'm not sure they have the sense or independent thought required to do so at this point.

The people of Scotland wait with baited breath for the results of the election in Glasgow East. This result could signify a major breakthrough in the fortunes of the SNP. The SNP has the full support and the good wishes of Welsh and Cornish nationalists during the course of this vital election.

The Scottish National Party welcomed the publication of a poll released today, which shows that only 46% of people believe that Labour can win the Glasgow East by-election, while 51% said the SNP would govern Glasgow East better than Labour and only 24% disagreed.
In addition, 54% said that Alex Salmond has been good at him job as First Minister, with only 19% saying the opposite.
SNP Westminster leader Mr Angus Robertson MP said:
“This is an excellent eve of poll election boost for John Mason and the SNP.
"The results are fantastic – and they show that we are witnessing a tale of two governments. The SNP Government under Alex Salmond is demonstrating competence, credibility and success, while Gordon Brown's administration dithers its way from crisis to crisis, and does nothing in the face of rising fuel and food prices.

“Above all, these figures show that the SNP are on the people’s side, and Labour are out of touch. That is why I believe the people will be on the SNP’s side in Glasgow East, and why the tale of two governments – SNP success and Labour failure – can take John Mason and the SNP over the winning line.”

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Be There or Be Square!

Subject: Be there on the day - and help us change Glasgow and Scotland for the better for ever!
Can you help the SNP on polling day, this Thursday? We need people to help in a variety of ways. If you'd like to be a part of it, please message me on facebook or email
If you've never done anything like this before, please don't worry, we'll tell you everything you need to know and we'll make sure you're happy doing what you're doing. So, if you can help:
Let me know if you have a car.
Let me know what times you can manage (between 6.30am and 10pm).
And let me know how to contact you - preferably a telephone number AND an email address.

Many thanks. Look forward to seeing you on Thursday.
Best wishes.
Anne McLaughlin
SNP Campaign Co-ordinator, Glasgow East by-election

Swing High Sweet Chariot

.... Coming Forth to Carry Me Home.... and Dry!
Latest poll
SNP 33%
Lab 29%
C 20%
LD 14%

2005 results
Lab 60.7% (18,775)
SNP 11.9% (5,268)
LD 11.9% (3,665)
C 6.9% (2,135)
Turnout: 48.2% (30,939)

Severin Carrell, Scotland correspondent, Tuesday July 22, 2008

The Scottish first minister, Alex Salmond, has admitted that Thursday's byelection in Glasgow East will be a test of his own popularity as well as a test of strength between two governments. As campaigning entered its final phase, the Scottish National party leader again claimed his party was on the brink of a "political earthquake", by snatching one of Labour's safest seats. The SNP need a 22% swing to win Glasgow East, which Labour held at the last general election with a 13,507 majority.

But for the first time, Salmond acknowledged that voters were also passing judgment on his own performance as first minister, an admission that his own reputation is partly at stake in the poll. Speaking as he campaigned at a shopping centre near Easterhouse with the SNP candidate John Mason, Salmond said: "It is a test of strength between two governments ... This is a tale of two governments and people are passing judgment on the Labour government and the SNP government in Scotland ... that's what people are entitled to do."

With the SNP increasingly popular among voters across Scotland, Salmond desperately wants to match his party's famous byelection victories against Labour in Hamilton in 1967 and Govan in 1973 and in 1988. Salmond has banked heavily on his own popularity by spending 12 days campaigning in Glasgow East since the sitting MP David Marshall stood down last month. He believes that the widespread unpopularity of Gordon Brown's government, combined with sharply rising food and fuel prices, will lead thousands of Labour voters to support the SNP. The SNP's private polling is said to show it is only a few thousand votes behind Labour.

The Assembly's Accomplishments
Comment on the above speech:
It is difficult for the Assembly to function and pass laws expeditiously when its hands are tied! Wales needs a full-blown Parliament and power to pass its own laws without these time-wasting LCOs.

Llongyfarchiadau - Alun Ffred Jones is the new Heritage Minister...

Monday, 21 July 2008

"There is a tide in the affairs of men which, when taken at the flood, leads on to fortune."

W. Shakespeare

Independence Cymru Predicts - the Turning of the Tide

Independence Cymru predicts a WIN for John Mason and the SNP in the constituency of Glasgow East, albeit with a small majority. Everyone is putting a huge amount of energy and goodwill into this campaign, which if successful should herald the demise of "New Labour" in Scotland and the strengthening of the SNP, as well as a recognition that this party is the natural Party of Scotland and the representative of the Scottish people.

Independence Cymru predicted a Labour/Plaid coalition in the Assembly, the election of Helen-Mary Jones as AM for Llanelli, and a possible General Election in the Autumn of 2007.

Cymru urges the people of Glasgow to wear the tartan of their respective clan when John Mason is declared the winner and Scotland erupts in glee and jubilation.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Send a Message to Glasgow

Do you know anybody in Glasgow East?
If you do, send a strong message to Glasgow - vote SNP.
Vote for John Mason and create a piece of history in Scotland by showing the people of Alba that Labour no longer holds any credence or trust for the people of Scotland.

Along with an SNP victory in Glasgow East comes a mortal blow for Labour in Scotland, and ensures that the nationalists hold the cards, the aces and the royal flush. It will send a sure signal to Westminster, and to the Palace, that the Scottish people are all set for independence from the United Kingdom after a long period of English establishment hegemony. The Stone of Scone will come into its own, as the seat of sovereignty in the reconstituted nation. "Remember Culloden!"

ENTERTAINING READING! Paste into your browser:

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Campaign Against Political Correctness

I have signed this petition because I am tired of being treated as a second class citizen in my own country. I may be wrong but I am not entirely certain that our grandfathers fought to preserve our freedoms and liberties only for a cretinous MP within a joke of a government to tell me that because I am a white male I can be legally discriminated against in the workplace. I am a upstanding citizen and a loyal subject of this country. I want to work hard and pay my taxes and look after my family. I don't see this as being 'wrong' and I don't want to be stopped from at least attempting to have a successful career because I am the wrong gender and colour.

David Matthews, 29.06.08

From : :

Have you ever stopped to wonder why 40% of people don't bother to vote anymore? Have you ever stopped to wonder why, which ever party is in power, nothing ever gets any better? Have you ever stopped to wonder why all the three major political parties in the UK have broadly the same policies? The answer is simple - political correctness. This left wing ideology has very cleverly, and by stealth, replaced British politics. None of the main parties now dare suggest any policy that is not politically correct otherwise the PC Brigade will label them the 'nasty' party. Witness the Conservative party policy U turns. In a desperate effort to lose their 'nasty' party label they have become Blue Labour, a slightly diluted form of New Labour!

So we now have the three main parties all occupying the same small piece of 'centre ground'. Many people don't vote on the grounds that it is pointless - you will get the same whoever wins. Some people don't vote because they realise that politically correct policies are what has got us into this mess in the first place.

Other people don't vote because they realise that career politicians are a self seeking, corrupt bunch of freeloaders who they wouldn't trust to run their whelk stall while they were on holiday. Notice that I say career politicians - this is the new breed of politicians that haven't ever entered the real world of work. They have left school, gone to university and then blagged a job as a 'research assistant' to a MP before realising that the job was such a doddle that they could do it themselves. They have never had to hold down a proper job, they have no management or other skills, hold no real political views and tend to migrate to whichever party looks most likely to win power. To survive in this fantasy environment all you need to do is to be politically correct.

Job Search: A Heritage Minister to be Proud of.

This is in no sense a volte face but it must be admitted, and it is the view of Independence Cymru, that Rhodri Glyn Thomas is accident-prone and suffers from short-comings. To be honest about it we all do, yet Rhodri is, or was, in a position of trust and responsibility. He was the Heritage Minister and as such he must maintain high standards of behaviour and integrity and not trangress the limits of public accountability and respect. He must take great care in avoiding making unnecessary "gaffes" which inevitably are blown up by the media and circulated throughout the nation and beyond.

It is indeed unfortunate that he has been persuaded, or has felt the need, to resign as Heritage Minister, but Wales needs a person who is no less committed to the promotion of Welsh language and culture, who is no less colourful and dedicated, but who is aware of the high profile position which the job entails and who is able to bring steady resolve and undying purpose to the role of Heritage Minister without creating an personal aura and without stumbling from one embarrassing incident into another. Let us hope that another appointee exhibits the qualities which are a sine qua non for such a crucial and fundamental position in Welsh national affairs.

Friday, 18 July 2008

And So it Goes On ..... and On

Copied from Glyn Davies's blog, with sympathies and suitable outrage.

Today's World News

What the devil is going on. I've just logged on and looked at the BBC's UK website (Yes the UK page) and read that Rhodri Glyn Thomas is going to lose his job as Assembly Culture Minister because he inadvertently walked into a pub with a lit cigar in his hand. That's right. Just read that again. Rhodri Glyn walked into a pub with a lit cigar, thus breaking the law, for which he could technically receive a £50 fine - and he gets the sack. It wasn't even in his mouth. You can totally screw up the Health Service, or the Education System, and there's no probs. But walk into a pub forgetting that you have a lit cigar in your hand, and up the spout goes your career.

So every time a Minister (or I suppose a Shadow Minister) in future is found to have a defective tyre, or breaks the 60mph speed limit, both rendering the criminal liable to a fine, a resignation must immediately follow. And it isn't even necessary to be apprehended by the Police. Oh No. All that needs to happen is that the crime is referred to on someone's blog, and then some politician decides to make an issue of it and Bingo, its reshuffle time. And what about going back a few years. Have any of the Ministers or Shadow Ministers got points on their licences. Clearly they must all now resign. Oh and there's a few thousand people losing their jobs, and there are wars going on in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the world's financial system is falling apart - and the top story is Rhodri Glyn Thomas. I can't go on with this. Words have failed me.

posted by Glyn Davies at 18:34 | 10 comments links to this post

This, and PC
So what is political correctness, how did it start and how did it become so successful? Political correctness is first and foremost an attack on free speech, clear thinking and discussion. Political correctness is perpetrated by the left in politics as a cover for their flawed ideology - a sort of cultural Marxism. By cloaking their strange ideas under the cover of not wishing to offend anyone (which naturally appeals to peoples' better nature), they try to bypass debate and give a 'received wisdom' which must not be questioned. And anyone who disagrees with this 'received wisdom' must therefore be a really nasty person and deserves to be ostracised by their peers. This peer pressure is instrumental in enforcing and expanding political correctness.

Alan in Dyfed

And So It Goes On..................and so it goes on.......

Paste it all into your browser window....... and gape.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Stivell, Tri Yann, Dan Ar Braz, Servat: Tri Martolod

Trouz Bras perform

Breton Instrumental Group

Using Welsh in Europe is to be Made Official

EU says yes to Welsh language
Jul 17 2008 by David Williamson, Western Mail

PERMISSION has been granted for the limited use of the Welsh language in several European Union institutions. Welsh may be used in speeches at the Council of Ministers if translators are available, and may be spoken in the Committee of the Regions if the UK Government makes a request seven weeks in advance.

European legislation, which has been adopted, will also be translated into Welsh. But all costs will be met by the Assembly Government. People wanting to correspond with major EU bodies in Welsh can write to the Welsh Language Board who will arrange for the original letter and the reply to be translated.

Heritage Minister Rhodri Glyn Thomas said: “This is another important milestone for the Welsh language and a very welcome recognition from the EU’s most powerful institution.

“I look forward now to seeing other European Union institutions following the Council’s lead to facilitate a wider use of Welsh.”

Welsh is one of the oldest languages in Europe and has the oldest literary tradition.
Not only that, it is a living and thriving language which is spoken in Wales and Patagonia. Its variant was spoken in Strathclyde and Cumbria, and in Cornwall until the latter part of the 18th Century. Another variant is spoken in Brittany today.
The Breton national anthem shares the same melody with the Welsh anthem "Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau."

Alan in Dyfed

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Let's Find the World's Welsh at

Re-Elected for Wales

Jill Evans MEP has been re-elected for a third term as the Vice-President of Plaid Cymru
Apologies for previous erratum!

Breakthrough in Europe for Yr Iaith Gymraeg

Important agreement on Welsh in Europe reached in Brussels

Plaid MEP Jill Evans has hailed what she described as an 'important agreement to give Welsh co-official status in the European Union'. The decision was formalised today in Brussels when the UK Government reached agreement with the EU Council of Ministers.

The Plaid MEP worked with the One Wales Government for the move, and negotiations were then taken forward by the member state government. At the moment the agreement only applies to the Council but is expected to be extended to other EU institutions.

Jill Evans - who has been campaigning for many years to improve the status of Welsh in the EU - said:

"I'm delighted we've been able to achieve co-official status for Welsh in the EU. Whilst initially this will apply to the Council of Ministers, the intention is to extend this so that people and organisations in Wales will be able to correspond and communicate with the EU institutions in either of our two official languages. There will also be limited interpretation from Welsh available at some official EU meetings.

"The European Union affects our daily lives more and more and it's only right that people in Wales should be able to choose Welsh to deal with the EU institutions if they so wish.

"This is an important day for the Welsh language, I want to pay tribute to all those who've taken part in the campaign and I would also like to thank Heritage Minister Rhodri Glyn Thomas and Presiding Officer Dafydd Elis-Thomas for their unfailing support."

diwedd / ends
(Alan in Dyfed is at present in Dyfnaint)

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Winning the Argument for Scotland and Wales

Reflecting on the inconsistencies in the constitution, and standing back to assess the state of society in Britain today, it appears that there is an abundance of indisputable evidence and sound argument in favour of the second option mentioned in the last posting, which is to press on regardless with respect to the governance of Wales (and Scotland), and to follow the path of devolution wherever it leads, and to my mind at least, this will lead inevitably to full independence alongside the Irish model. Westminster has lost the plot, without a doubt, and the reins of power are truly in the hands of the MSPs in Scotland and the AMs in Wales.

While Westminster flounders the Scots and Welsh ministers and their supporters are getting on with the job of transforming their respective nations and setting the scene for the next step which, in the case of Scotland is the independence referendum, and in the case of Wales the referendum on a Welsh Parliament.

The Cornish, though few in number, are equally adamant for change, and for them it will be an uphill struggle to achieve the degree of independence which Wales has now, particularly as so many 'furriners' have settled in their midst, to the extent that the native people are outnumbered in their own domain. Yet it is not always numbers which make the difference in the end, but determination, commitment and enthusiasm for the cause which, if just, will reach its ultimate fruition, so that Kernow takes its place alongside the other nations of the British Isles and elects its own members to the European parliament.

Inconsistencies upon Inconsistencies

It makes one wonder :
is there anything that is consistent about the British constitution and the treatment that is meted out by Whitehall?

Isn't it time for a complete re-evalution?
Should the government set up a committee of advisors and counsellers with the brief to begin again at Square One, to create a 21st Century version of the Magna Carta? Or does the answer lie with the emerging nations of the periphery, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, to lead the way by establishing their own constitutional criteria. The number of instances of irrationality and inconsistency is staggering, and it calls for a systematic revision of the entire constitutional framework of the United Kingdom. It is time that its house was put in order.

The way forward is clear: a plebiscite in the constituent countries on complete devolution and adoption of parliamentary systems with full law-making powers; national flags, anthems and cultural icons, including languages, to be respected and given equal status; royal symbols which have become archaic and refer to past British history to be abandoned and replaced by current national symbols and coats-of-arms, in the case of Wales - the dragon, the arms of Owain Glyndwr and the flag of St David; the Union flag to be disposed of, and replaced by the flags of the nations, following the dissolution of the Union; national governments to decide on national holidays, fete days and postage stamps; the Euro to be adopted as the common currency in accordance with most countries of Europe; a referendum to be held in each country on the question of retaining the monarchy and Commonwealth of nations.

Check out the Comments on the previous posting about "Inconsistencies".

Monday, 14 July 2008

Heraldic Overtones

Very pretty indeed, but what does it represent, an olive branch to Cymru?
And are the thistle, shamrock and rose meant to represent our sister nations,
or are they the dependendant nations of a British state?

Listing the Inconsistencies

Following the listing of Campaigns I suggest a listing of Inconsistencies:

The fact that Wales is not represented on the Union Flag (not that we wish to be)
The fact that St Patrick's flag is on the Union flag yet Ireland is independent
The fact that new coinage is to be minted, on which Wales has no representation
The fact that Scotland has different law-making powers to Wales, and a Parliament
The fact that Cornwall has a Parliament (the Stannary) but no power to make laws
The fact that Mannin has a Parliament (the Tynwald) but is not a part of the UK
The fact that the Channel Islands are not a part of the United Kingdom
The fact that the Prince of Wales and Duke of Cornwall are only honarary titles
The fact that Britain is the home of democracy but is not truly democratic
The fact that a substantial piece of Ireland is still held by Britain
The fact that Britain is referred to as a nation and not purely as a state
The fact that Scotland and Wales are nations and yet have no sovereignty
The fact that the government encourages immigration but discriminates against its own citizens

You are invited to add to the list in the Comments columns
UPDATE : As we note from the Comments section there are dozens of inconsistencies!
They should be typed up and set in a missive to Downing Street, not that it will make any difference! Anybody willing to volunteer?

Campaign Reminder - add your campaign!

The Campaign for an independent Cymru
- the primary campaign

Campaign - to fly the flag of Wales and not the Union flag
Campaign - to celebrate Welsh national holidays
Campaign - to give recognition to Welsh battle sites
Campaign - to rectify the wrongs in the constitution
Campaign - to bring in a new Welsh Language Act
Campaign - to demand a Parliament for Wales
Campaign - to review funding issues for Wales - Barnett
Campaign - to revert to the true place-names of Wales
Campaign - to reject "Britishness" and all its forms and guises
Campaign - to spread the word and inspire Welsh people to support their homeland
Campaign - to work towards the next general election and ensure victory for Plaid
Campaign - to bring about true democracy and accountability

You are invited to add your campaign list in the Comments columns.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

The Campaign for an Independent England.

YES - to an Independent England
YES - to an Independent Scotland
YES - to an Independent Wales
YES - to an Independent Cornwall
YES - to an Independent Mannin
YES - to an Independent Brittany
YES - to a United Ireland
YES - to a Confederation of Europe

Let the People Decide

S c o t t i s h I n d e p e n d e n c e C o n v e n t i o n
The pro independence umbrella movement, calls on the Scottish Parliament to
‘Petition calling for the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to conduct
a referendum on whether Scotland should again become a sovereign, independent state.’

Name (Print) Signature Address Email (optional)

Data Protection Statement: Your email address, if given, will be retained only by the Scottish Independence Convention. It may be used to keep you informed of further Convention activities.
Further copies of this form can be downloaded and printed from our web site
Completed forms should be returned to SIC, PO Box 21159, Alloa, FK10 2DY.

Message to Yon Braw Scots - Turn Out for Alex!

"Voters in Glasgow East understand that it is only a vote for the SNP on 24th July that will send a message to Westminster and bring real change in the failing policies of this Labour government."

So, voters of Glasgow East : show them which way the wind is blowing in Scotland.

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Forward and Onward with the People

Those few of us who are not already brow-beaten and brainwashed (should we say Brown-washed?) have a duty and a responsibility (for the sake of Wales/Honour/Truth/Justice/Equity/Sanity or whatever is deemed to be lacking) to seriously consider the deteriorating state of society under the present authoritarian and bureaucratic regime, and the means whereby true democracy can be restored to the constitution along with government and corporation accountability. Those of us who are aware of the realities and not the spin and hogwash that is fed to a gullible public on a daily basis are exhorted to step out of the shadows and be counted. Few people with the necessary character, calibre and integrity are prepared to risk their reputations and careers for the sake of the greater good but it is these very people who will be in the vanguard of change. Britain has become a state without a soul.Time-worn eternal values and civil liberties have been drastically eroded over the past 20 years and the time has come to put a stop to it all and restore these priceless attributes to the people of the British Isles.

Sit Back and Watch a Video from Plaid Cymru

Paste in the browser window to watch the video.

Then, read about what is happening within Plaid Cymru, the Party of Wales......
(and about time, too!)

Ireland Awaits Unification

LONDON (AFP) - Thousands of people were Saturday attending a day of marches which was a symbol of sectarian tensions in Northern Ireland but has since been rebranded as a family-friendly pageant.

The Protestant Orange Order's annual marches marking their side's victory in the 1690Battle of the Boyne frequently sparked violence during "the Troubles", the civil unrest which plagued the British province until only a few years ago.
A reminder of the divisions which the parades still provoke came when an Orange Hall in Rasharkin, northeast Northern Ireland, was damaged in an apparent attempted arson attack early Saturday.
A bomb alert also delayed the parade there for several hours.
Many on the Catholic side steer clear of the parades, of which there are 19 across Northern Ireland this year, now been rebranded as an "Orangefest".

While-ever these politico-religious marches continue there will be no permanent settlement in Ireland. Re-branding them makes no difference whatsoever. The outcome
for Ireland will inevitably be unification, the just solution for Ireland, and those who perpetuate division and intolerance are obstacles in the way of progress.

(Alan in Dyfed)

Scottish Government Tackles "Ageism"

From the Scots Independent....

The Scottish Government has launched a very positive campaign this week, which some of you may have seen on TV and in the newspapers aimed at ending ageism in our society. I have been particularly impressed by the television adverts which, unusually for public service broadcasts were both entertaining and thought provoking.

Ageism affects both young and old alike and the latest ads are a good way to highlight how stereotypes, often reinforced by misleading tabloid headlines, lead to irrational tensions and fears between young and old.

Like those issues related to religion, gender and colour, people of all ages need to look at individuals as people, regardless of who they are and make their decisions on that. Good and bad doesn't run between people, but often runs through them.

All of us have been young at some point, even me, and most of us will end up being old. What we need to start doing is to communicate and I am certain this latest campaign by the Government will lead to some positive dialogue on that front. It is a long overdue initiative, but a positive step in the right direction

New Light on the Holy Grail

The search is still on to find the resting place of the Holy Grail and the spotlight has moved to Wales. Paste this into the browser window and read on:

Friday, 11 July 2008

Equal Status for Wales and Scotland a Prerequisite of Total Devolution

AMs want same powers as Scotland
Jul 11 2008 WalesOnline

THE vast majority of Assembly Members want Wales to have the same powers as the Scottish Parliament.

Approximately 80% of AMs who took part in an Ipsos MORI poll said they wanted the Assembly to have law-making and tax-varying powers.
All Liberal Democrats and Plaid Cymru AMs wanted Scottish-style powers, as did 75% of Labour AMs and two out of three Conservatives.
It was also revealed that nine out of 10 read the Western Mail.

Health minister Edwina Hart was considered the most impressive AM, but only gained support from 17% of those questioned. Around six out of 10 could not think of a colleague who stood out. Thirty-six of the Senedd’s 60 AMs were interviewed last autumn for the poll. When asked how the economy would perform over the next 12 months, only the Conservatives though it would get worse. Two-thirds of Labour AMs predicted an improvement.

The research further states: “Our survey suggests that the general public have a fairly good grasp on which issues are devolved to the National Assembly, at least in terms of the correspondence that AMs receive. Their postbags tend to be dominated with letters and approaches on issues such as health, housing, transport, care of the elderly, education and so on (all of which are devolved issues), with very few indicating that they are approached about non-devolved issues such as crime and law and order.”

Truth Knows No Borders

"Labour in Westminster is authoritarian, promotes inequality, is responsible for rising child and pensioner poverty and has promoted corporate greed - allowing the city of London to lend to people who couldn't afford it, just to perpetuate a housing and consumer boom."

From the blog Welsh Ramblings.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

U.K. - A Resurgent New Landscape Envisioned

It is quite clear to those who keep their eyes and ears open and who peruse the media that Britain is in a state of social and moral decay. It would seem that the government believes that Britain never had it so good, and that the economy is robust and can withstand this minor blip which is not, we are told, leading us into recession let alone depression. However, depression is what is sweeping across the country (or countries that make up the state of Britain). We read of stories of criminals getting away with murder, and that burglars will not be sent to jail (partly because it costs too much to accommodate them and because the prisons are overflowing). We read of individuals being arrested for defending their homes and families from the onslaught of mindless thugs and yobs. Is this the kind of society we grew up in and were told was admired throughout the world? Britain - the land of the free, the home of democracy? Where a man's word was his bond?
Not on your life!

Is there so much apathy and complacency among the populace that nobody is prepared to stand up against this unacceptable state of affairs? Society is gripped by fear and insecurity, physical and economic. The government has borrowed billions, and is once again in a financial predicament where it appears that the only way to buy time is to borrow more. Immigration is totally out of control. Who knows what the situation will be when the Conservatives regain power as they surely will, in England at least? As for Scotland, the SNP will reap a windfall of support from across the whole of Scotland and the stage will be set for independence. The same will apply in Wales as even the most ingrained Labour voters, and the trade unions, will see that this government is at the least incompetent and inept and has lost control of the economy and society. At worst, it is deliberately pursuing a policy of pushing society into greater state control. Society is being led into a strait-jacket of rules and regulations and surveillance measures, ranging from ubiquitously positioned cameras to the collection of DNA and identity information (which is then lost and compromised).

Wales rejects this kind of society and so does Scotland. These proud nations rebel against the prospect of remaining a part of this degraded state of Britain, where real values are considered worthless and people of spirit and dignity are treated with contempt or are abused or ignored. There still remain those who are willing to stand up for their principles despite the certainty of being shouted down by those who believe they are in control of the reins of power. These politicians are desperately attempting to win back popular support by twists and turns and backtracking and even u-turns but are they to be believed? Do they really expect the public to forgive and forget and re-elect them into power after all the muddied water that has passed under Westminster Bridge?

Time moves on and we move with the changes. It is the only way, and we should look forward with optimism and expectation towards the creation of a new society with its roots way back in the past when times were different and true values were accepted and practised in an atmosphere of genuine respect and trust. The onset of independence will revitalise all the nations of the British Isles, and England too will rise to the event and sing its own anthem, fly its own flag and hold its own parliament. The United Kingdom, established in 1801, is no longer valid, constitutionally or realistically. Thus the old Britain will be relegated to the tides of history and a new spirit will emerge. The four/five(?) British nations will stand independent and interdependent alongside all the nations and cultures that make up the European confederation. That day will come! It will be here sooner than you realise.

Professor Patrick Minford of Cardiff University Business School said: “How long it will last is a very serious issue; it could be several years. It is very hard to see a quick resolution.”

Meanwhile Professor David Brooksbank, director of enterprise at Uwic’s Cardiff School of Management, said all indications pointed to a major down turn in the economy.

He added: “The situation is clearly very worrying. Technically we are not in recession, in terms that we have not seen two quarters of negative growth, but we are in for a very rough ride.

A Welsh American Goes Largely Unrecognised

Buried in an unmarked grave in Trinity Church in New York’s Wall Street is a man who sacrificed all for his new country, and in fact was one of its founders. Who signed one of the most significant documents of the modern age, in fact gave birth to the modern age.

Francis Lewis is a name forgotten in his native land. He is Almost forgotten in his adopted country. He is remembered in the US by a couple of street names, and a high school in Queens, NY (Francis Lewis High School). Yet this man sacrificed all on gospel proportions. He lost all his property (reputedly the second wealthiest man in the colonies). His Library. And worse of all his wife (who was captured by the British and imprisonment eventually killed her). Finally by signing the declaration, sealed his fate as a traitor. He was truly a martyr.

He was born in 1713 in Llandaff, Wales to the Rev. Francis Lewis and Ann Pettigal. He was orphaned at 5 and was sent to live with a maiden aunt in North Wales who taught him Welsh. After that he was sent up to Scotland where he learnt Gaelic (probably one of the few that spoke) He went to Westminster school where he gained a reputation as a classical scholar. He finally settled in New York, where he was a merchant. Where he married the sister of his partner, Edward Annesley. He and Anne had seven children (3 of whom survived). He was caught up in the French Indian Wars, captured at Fort Oswego (probably the inspiration for the “Last of the Mohicans”). Apparently, his Welsh was the reason that he was spared by the native chief, who thought it was a Indian language. He was shipped back to France in a box!

When he was released he continued his business in New York, making his fortune and retiring from his work whilst he was in his 50s. He became active in secret societies such as the “Sons of Liberty”. He was elected in1775 to the New York Provincial Congress. He was later elected a delegate to the Continental Congress in 1776.

History records that neither he or his fellow delegate William Floyd (of Welsh descent) did not contribute to he debate, or vote on July 4th (because their colony had not instructed them to) they assented on July 19th and signed on August 2nd. With this act Lewis sealed his fate, his house was destroyed and his wife imprisoned. He was regarded as a man of high integrity with a powerful intellect . In 1779 he retired from politics (worn out by the death of his wife) and died in New York in 1803 in relative poverty. His son Morgan, went on to be Governor of New York, and founder of New York University.

It is a shame that this great son of Liberty should remain in obscurity. There is no monument to this great man in the land of his birth. This should be of concern to all Welsh. The National Assembly should erect a monument to celebrate his tercentenary of his birth in 2013. Welsh societies in North America should look at him, and not focus on mythical names such as Madoc. This a real hero! Celebrate him.

Michael Cridland
Dodge City

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

The Lost Land of Wales

Wales has lost land on its eastern border,not from the incursions of the sea, but from the encroachment of the Mercians and Saxons and the establishment of the Marcher lordships in an attempt to pacify the borders. The western areas of Shropshire and Herefordshire were Welsh-speaking well into the 19th Century, and many Welsh place-names exist there today, though they are mispronounced by the resident population.
It is interesting to note that the people of Oswestry would like the town to revert to Wales, just as the people of Berwick on the Scottish border wish their town to revert to Scotland.
The following story tells of the loss of the western territory, Cantre'r Gwaelod, through the action of the sea. The remnants of the ancient forests can still be observed at low tide.

This tale is one of two stories of a similar theme attached to Cardigan Bay in Gwynedd. This story is the later one of the two and explains how a realm was lost to the sea through debauchery and drunkenness. There are traces of walls and roadways under the sea at Carmarthen bay, they can be seen at low tide and may have given rise to the legend of the 'Lost Lowland Hundred'.

Many centuries ago in the area where the river Dyfi (Dovey) meets the Atlantic Ocean, a great kingdom stood far out in the low lying land. The kingdom was called Cantref y Gwaelod and its many towns, farms and gleaming cities were protected from the sea by a series of sluices and dams.

The area was ruled over by a Prince called Gwyddno, who had ruled well for many years. In fact he had been so successful that the kingdom enjoyed a great period of prosperity, and the Prince and his subjects were want to overindulge in the more pleasurable aspects of life. As time went on the drinking, parties and wanton debauchery were the talk of the whole of Wales.

During this time the man in charge of up-keeping the solid defences against the sea was called Seithenyn. He was a Prince of Dyfed, and a man of high status in keeping with the importance of his task. At first he was diligent in all aspects of his role, but as time wore on he became addicted to the pleasures of the Court, in a state of drunken stupor most nights as well as much of the day, he began to neglect his duties. In time the dams became weather beaten and crumbling, and the sluices began to stiffen with rust. Many parts of the defences became leaky and with every pounding tide of the winter the dam became weaker.

One man began to notice the decay and the danger from the ever-encroaching sea. His name was Teithryn, and he was in charge of the Northern stretches of the dyke. While his vigilance in tending the Northern dams ensured they were sound his fears were ignored by courtiers, too busy with the nights entertainment to worry about the grumbling of a dam keeper.

Seithenyn also ignored his fears, he was by now a hopeless drunkard and in no fit state to be in charge of such a weighty responsibility.

One day in the depths of winter during the highest tides of the season, Teithynin, who was well versed in weather lore, saw the warning signs of a gigantic storm brewing. That night during the inevitable feasting, Teithryn drank very little and for the last time tried to warn the people of the approaching disaster. They laughed at him and told him to enjoy himself and stop worrying about something that could never happen

When he knew there was little time left, he went to the safety of high ground, and left the courtiers in their drunken stupor.

When the storm came it was the most furious in living memory, it brought before it a huge storm surge which swept over the dam as one great wave. Seithenyn cursing and shouting at the waves ran at the water with his drawn sword in an attempt to send back the waves, he was drowned instantly by a mighty weight of water.

The whole of the kingdom vanished beneath the waves that night, out of the thousands of people only a few escaped. As well as Teithryn the vigilant Northern keeper, Gwyddno and a few of his subjects managed to drag themselves to shore, they lived in poverty for the rest of their lives lamenting their selfish ways.

Some of the ancient roadways and part of the dam system, is said to be still visible out in the bay during the lowest tides of the year.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Cymru for the Cymry

Would Wales be better off governing itself instead of being misgoverned as a part of Britain? Yes it would, immeasurably.
Britain is itself being maliciously misgoverned and popular opinion affirms this as evidenced by recent opinion polls which place the Conservatives far ahead of Labour. Yet Conservative solutions and attitudes to society offer no solace to the people of Wales.
Without the ameliorating effects of governance by the Welsh Assembly, which removes Wales from direct British rule in a number of key areas, Wales would be in a far worse situation than it is in today.
It is indeed undeniable that Britain is heading into recession, whatever the government sources issue in the way of propaganda. No doubt the government will claim that this is the result of 10 years of Tory misrule before the 10 years of Labour misrule when the national resources were squandered by a profligate Chancellor-cum-Prime Minister. Wales would have no part in the type of expensive and risky foreign adventures initiated by the Bush-Blair unholy alliance. 19th Century political mentality has no place in contemporary Wales, which draws its strength from its own national spirit and history, a history which has been ignored and largely untaught within the country which spawned it.
Change is in the air and cannot be stopped as it is a natural and inevitable process leading to a new birth of Celtic consciousness throughout Britain. A population of 10 million is insistent in its call for retribution, and there are many in England who, besides supporting the unification of Ireland, also give their tacit support to Scottish and Welsh independence and the emergence of England as a separate nation within the European federation.

We should also remember our Celtic cousins in Breizh, Ellan Vannin and Kernow.

They deserve the right to control their own futures and destinies just as much as Alba and Cymru do.

(following a comment from nitrotab)

Watch this Video

Plaid's only loyalty -------- a new video....

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Wales Has Musical Talent

The X-Factor moghuls have criticised Welsh musical talent. Wales brims with talent and has always led the way. Step forward and be recognised....

Send us video clips of you showing off your talents and we’ll put the best on our website, Then the whole of the world will be able to see just how talented a nation we are.

Simply send your clips to

Friday, 4 July 2008

The Small Nations Festival - Gwyl y Cenhedloedd Bychain 2008

(Thanks to Rhobert ap Steffan)

Welcome to the new website of the Small Nations Festival, a celebration of the music of Wales and other small nations.
Here you will find the best of Welsh and International music in all its wonderful variety, all packed into one week-end (11-13 July) in the most idyllic setting, near Cilycwm, Llandovery, mid Wales.
Small Nations Festival is, and will remain, a small festival with a total capacity of 1500.

© 2007–2008 Small Nations Music Ltd.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Government Fears Cultural Terrorism

It appears that the Immigration Department fears an onslaught of foreign culture
by preventing musical groups from attending the Llangollen International Eisteddfod.
Shame on them - and I repeat "Shame on them".
Let Cymru free to invite the world to perform and entertain the people of Wales!

Immigration official’s visit after Llangollen visa woe
Jul 3 2008 by Rhodri Clark, Western Mail

ONE of Britain’s most senior immigration officials will be a guest of honour at the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod next week, as the event tries to shake off the visa woes of recent years.

The Eisteddfod was founded after the Second World War to promote peace and understanding through the international language of music, and features hundreds of dancers, singers and instrumentalists from around the world.

But tightened security in the wake of the terrorist attacks on New York in September 2001 left many groups of performers struggling to obtain visas from UK embassies for their Llangollen visits.

The low point was the 2004 Eisteddfod, which came after a furore over Bulgarian and Roman- ian asylum-seekers being given easy UK entry because of what the Home Office admitted were “serious failings” in the immigration service. The Government responded by promising to “toughen visa procedure”.

One group of Ukrainian folk singers spent a week camped outside the British Embassy in Kiev in a desperate attempt to secure visas to travel to Llangollen.

An Indian dance troupe which had competed in Llangollen annually for a decade was refused visas, and the mayor of a Bulgarian village turned away a coach-load of British tourists in protest after a local dance group was refused visas for Llangollen.

In 2005, dancers from Macedonia complained of humiliation after being forced to dance outside the British embassy to prove to officials they were genuine performers.

But Eisteddfod organisers are confident there will be fewer visa problems at this year’s event, where Mark Sedwill, international director of the UK Border Agency, will be a day president.

Mervyn Cousins, the Eisteddfod’s executive director, said Mr Sedwill’s visit would be part of the improved dialogue and relationship between the Eisteddfod and officials tasked with controlling immigration to the UK.