Monday, 21 July 2008

Independence Cymru Predicts - the Turning of the Tide

Independence Cymru predicts a WIN for John Mason and the SNP in the constituency of Glasgow East, albeit with a small majority. Everyone is putting a huge amount of energy and goodwill into this campaign, which if successful should herald the demise of "New Labour" in Scotland and the strengthening of the SNP, as well as a recognition that this party is the natural Party of Scotland and the representative of the Scottish people.

Independence Cymru predicted a Labour/Plaid coalition in the Assembly, the election of Helen-Mary Jones as AM for Llanelli, and a possible General Election in the Autumn of 2007.

Cymru urges the people of Glasgow to wear the tartan of their respective clan when John Mason is declared the winner and Scotland erupts in glee and jubilation.

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