Friday, 25 July 2008

The Left Marches to a Different Tune

New Labour (Blue Labour?) is crumbling and falling apart in all directions, but the Left in politics marches on, to a different tune. In the forefront are the pipers, with their skirling melodies, followed by the drummers, beating out their vibrant rhythms, and following them march the men of the new millenium, inspired with a radical, progressive and libertarian vision for a future Cymru, Alba and Kernow. It remains for England to awaken from its slumber of 400 years and realise its potential as a nation among nations, and not a lost land submerged under its cloak of "Britishness". It is time to heed the clarion call and awaken: to "England and St George!"

To the unions : can you really continue to support Labour, whose policies are like the hydrangea changing its colours from pink to blue according to the soil it finds itself planted in? Does Labour put the ordinary working man and woman first, or it is an organism bred purely for survival, concerned only with its continued existence in the halls and corridors of power?

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