Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Winning the Argument for Scotland and Wales

Reflecting on the inconsistencies in the constitution, and standing back to assess the state of society in Britain today, it appears that there is an abundance of indisputable evidence and sound argument in favour of the second option mentioned in the last posting, which is to press on regardless with respect to the governance of Wales (and Scotland), and to follow the path of devolution wherever it leads, and to my mind at least, this will lead inevitably to full independence alongside the Irish model. Westminster has lost the plot, without a doubt, and the reins of power are truly in the hands of the MSPs in Scotland and the AMs in Wales.

While Westminster flounders the Scots and Welsh ministers and their supporters are getting on with the job of transforming their respective nations and setting the scene for the next step which, in the case of Scotland is the independence referendum, and in the case of Wales the referendum on a Welsh Parliament.

The Cornish, though few in number, are equally adamant for change, and for them it will be an uphill struggle to achieve the degree of independence which Wales has now, particularly as so many 'furriners' have settled in their midst, to the extent that the native people are outnumbered in their own domain. Yet it is not always numbers which make the difference in the end, but determination, commitment and enthusiasm for the cause which, if just, will reach its ultimate fruition, so that Kernow takes its place alongside the other nations of the British Isles and elects its own members to the European parliament.

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