Sunday, 20 July 2008

Send a Message to Glasgow

Do you know anybody in Glasgow East?
If you do, send a strong message to Glasgow - vote SNP.
Vote for John Mason and create a piece of history in Scotland by showing the people of Alba that Labour no longer holds any credence or trust for the people of Scotland.

Along with an SNP victory in Glasgow East comes a mortal blow for Labour in Scotland, and ensures that the nationalists hold the cards, the aces and the royal flush. It will send a sure signal to Westminster, and to the Palace, that the Scottish people are all set for independence from the United Kingdom after a long period of English establishment hegemony. The Stone of Scone will come into its own, as the seat of sovereignty in the reconstituted nation. "Remember Culloden!"

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Anonymous said...

I was helping the SNP out yesterday and saw these Welsh lads. Please tell them that their help is much appreciated.

The SNP are out there, and visible, few other parties are.

I hope that Glasgow East will be lost to Labour, and exactly the same happens in their "strongholds" in Scotland, Wales and even Northern England.

All the best from Scotland!

Anonymous said...

p.s. Ignore the spammer above, I've lost my login.

Saoir Alba agus a' Chuimrigh!