Thursday, 10 July 2008

U.K. - A Resurgent New Landscape Envisioned

It is quite clear to those who keep their eyes and ears open and who peruse the media that Britain is in a state of social and moral decay. It would seem that the government believes that Britain never had it so good, and that the economy is robust and can withstand this minor blip which is not, we are told, leading us into recession let alone depression. However, depression is what is sweeping across the country (or countries that make up the state of Britain). We read of stories of criminals getting away with murder, and that burglars will not be sent to jail (partly because it costs too much to accommodate them and because the prisons are overflowing). We read of individuals being arrested for defending their homes and families from the onslaught of mindless thugs and yobs. Is this the kind of society we grew up in and were told was admired throughout the world? Britain - the land of the free, the home of democracy? Where a man's word was his bond?
Not on your life!

Is there so much apathy and complacency among the populace that nobody is prepared to stand up against this unacceptable state of affairs? Society is gripped by fear and insecurity, physical and economic. The government has borrowed billions, and is once again in a financial predicament where it appears that the only way to buy time is to borrow more. Immigration is totally out of control. Who knows what the situation will be when the Conservatives regain power as they surely will, in England at least? As for Scotland, the SNP will reap a windfall of support from across the whole of Scotland and the stage will be set for independence. The same will apply in Wales as even the most ingrained Labour voters, and the trade unions, will see that this government is at the least incompetent and inept and has lost control of the economy and society. At worst, it is deliberately pursuing a policy of pushing society into greater state control. Society is being led into a strait-jacket of rules and regulations and surveillance measures, ranging from ubiquitously positioned cameras to the collection of DNA and identity information (which is then lost and compromised).

Wales rejects this kind of society and so does Scotland. These proud nations rebel against the prospect of remaining a part of this degraded state of Britain, where real values are considered worthless and people of spirit and dignity are treated with contempt or are abused or ignored. There still remain those who are willing to stand up for their principles despite the certainty of being shouted down by those who believe they are in control of the reins of power. These politicians are desperately attempting to win back popular support by twists and turns and backtracking and even u-turns but are they to be believed? Do they really expect the public to forgive and forget and re-elect them into power after all the muddied water that has passed under Westminster Bridge?

Time moves on and we move with the changes. It is the only way, and we should look forward with optimism and expectation towards the creation of a new society with its roots way back in the past when times were different and true values were accepted and practised in an atmosphere of genuine respect and trust. The onset of independence will revitalise all the nations of the British Isles, and England too will rise to the event and sing its own anthem, fly its own flag and hold its own parliament. The United Kingdom, established in 1801, is no longer valid, constitutionally or realistically. Thus the old Britain will be relegated to the tides of history and a new spirit will emerge. The four/five(?) British nations will stand independent and interdependent alongside all the nations and cultures that make up the European confederation. That day will come! It will be here sooner than you realise.

Professor Patrick Minford of Cardiff University Business School said: “How long it will last is a very serious issue; it could be several years. It is very hard to see a quick resolution.”

Meanwhile Professor David Brooksbank, director of enterprise at Uwic’s Cardiff School of Management, said all indications pointed to a major down turn in the economy.

He added: “The situation is clearly very worrying. Technically we are not in recession, in terms that we have not seen two quarters of negative growth, but we are in for a very rough ride.

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