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The European Free Alliance

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Turi said...

We send you this article hoping that You can give to it maximum diffusion in name of the ideal communes for the self-determination of the People and the Stateless Nations. -



And that it only finds however a Ideological No from the nostalgic supporters of the Italian Risorgimento

In Sicily, in a small, attractive town between Messina and Palermo, Capo d'Orlando, the Mayor, modern and cosmopolitan man, has decided together with the Town Administration to change name to the plaza in front of the railway station.

The choice of the Mayor however has provoked polemics and contrasts.
Why? It is easily said.

The changed name is that of Giuseppe Garibaldi, the most famous "hero" of the Italian Risorgimento.

With his initiative this Mayor has reopened, of fact, the debate on what historical truth is also respect the Identity and the Memory of Sicily.

When the Mayor changes name to a plaza already entitled to Giuseppe Garibaldi, He doesn't do it for hate or for ideology but because has studied in detail the fact that the history of Sicilian People, of Sicily is different from that official of Italy.

The Italian Central Authority, from 1860 has imposed to the Sicilians in the schools her version of the history, a version according to which the Sicilians would even still have been always Italian even before Italian State existed.

The central Italian Government has tried to impose the false idea that has never existed neither a Sicilian History. neither a Sicilian Nation and not even a Sicilian National Spirit.

This Mayor’s choice has divided first the city of Capo d'Orlando and then also the public Sicilian and Italian opinion.

Among the first and more active supporting of the Mayor's choice to defense of the historical truth and the Sicilian identity there has been the progressive sectors of the Sicilian Independentism, those represented by organizations, progressive and antimafia, as: the FRUNTI NAZZIUNALI SICILIANU - SICILIA INDIPINNENTI (SICILIAN NATIONAL FRONT - INDEPENDENT SICILY); the socialist and independentist THINK TANK of FOCUS TRINAKRIA or the blog "laquestionesiciliana."

This politics and cultural area has fully sustained and with many argumentations the Mayor's initiative.

Then others as certain minority sectors of the sicilianist area or also the autonomists of the President of the Sicilian Region they have as gives their solidarity to the Mayor and his initiative.

Which is it the lesson that we can get from the battle of this Sicilian Mayor?

Today thanks to the courage of this man We know that in terms of awareness the Sicilians are more and more and better defeating that process of cultural alienation that wanted to cancel the History, the Memory of the People and the Sicilian Nation.

Today The people of Sicily know that there has not been any Risorgimento but that Garibaldi has come only to annex Sicily to the Kingdom of Piedmont.

The people of Sicily don't believe anymore today in some false heroes.

The people of Sicily therefore knows that the Garibaldi's Campaign was not anything else other than an invasion, a true colonization.

Let's ask us: Why a mature democracy as that Italian doesn't know or she cannot reestablish the historical truth without to feel been threatened today?

Because today some in Italy are still imprisoned of the old centralist ideologies and they don't know how to seek the historical truth.

Therefore these don't understand that only with a full reflection on the past We, all We can go over and to build, in Sicily, to the South Italy as to the North Italy, a future of liberty and equity for everybody and therefore also for the Sicilian Nation

Sicilian Nation that is always fundamental part of Europe, center of the Mediterranean and therefore of the World, and all of this even if today Sicily is a Nation Stateless.