Monday, 28 July 2008

A Boon for Bloggers

The new style bloglist from is undoubtedly a boon for bloggers in that one can view at a glance the topics being aired on recent blogs. It saves a great deal of time as there is no need to go trawling through the Welsh blogosphere to find out what is going on in other areas. Furthermore, it also indicates which blogs are most alive and active, which are dilatory, and which are practically defunct. I recommend that my fellow bloggers in the blogging fraternity display this new-style bloglist on their blog page, so that we all can see at any time what everyone is reporting.

In addition, blogs appear to reflect the physical condition of political parties, as a number of Labour supporting blogs have disappeared off the scene and a number of Plaid blogs have emerged, indicating that Labour is well and truly on the decline and Plaid is on the ascendant and is enjoying a rosy and robust state of health.
Meanwhile Glyn Davies and Peter Black are unceasing in their prolific postings, the former including weddings, grandchildren, birdsong, flower shows and gardening to add to the mix of political rhetoric.


Carwyn Fowler said...

Further to your comment on my blog -

I would relish the challenge of Swansea East, but I'm not sure what voters in Pembrey would think about the idea!

More seriously - for better or for worse, Welsh and Scottish politics seem to have diverged a lot since devolution. For reasons too complex to put in the comments box, I think Labour would hold Swansea East quite comfortably. That is unless Roberto Martinez stood for Plaid Cymru!

Valleys Mam said...

my blog doesnt seem to come on yours or Alwyns and I have posted several times
So I wonder how many others dont feed

alanindyfed said...

Valleys Mam - you are on my bloglist