Monday, 14 July 2008

Listing the Inconsistencies

Following the listing of Campaigns I suggest a listing of Inconsistencies:

The fact that Wales is not represented on the Union Flag (not that we wish to be)
The fact that St Patrick's flag is on the Union flag yet Ireland is independent
The fact that new coinage is to be minted, on which Wales has no representation
The fact that Scotland has different law-making powers to Wales, and a Parliament
The fact that Cornwall has a Parliament (the Stannary) but no power to make laws
The fact that Mannin has a Parliament (the Tynwald) but is not a part of the UK
The fact that the Channel Islands are not a part of the United Kingdom
The fact that the Prince of Wales and Duke of Cornwall are only honarary titles
The fact that Britain is the home of democracy but is not truly democratic
The fact that a substantial piece of Ireland is still held by Britain
The fact that Britain is referred to as a nation and not purely as a state
The fact that Scotland and Wales are nations and yet have no sovereignty
The fact that the government encourages immigration but discriminates against its own citizens

You are invited to add to the list in the Comments columns
UPDATE : As we note from the Comments section there are dozens of inconsistencies!
They should be typed up and set in a missive to Downing Street, not that it will make any difference! Anybody willing to volunteer?


Anonymous said...

The fact that Scotland, Northern Ireland, and England can issue their own banknotes but Wales can't.

The fact that Wales has decent language laws, but none of the other parts of the UK do.

The fact that Northern Ireland has its own civil service, but Scotland and Wales don't.

The fact that Scotland, Ireland and Wales have international rugby teams, but the Isle of Man and Cornwall do not.

The fact that Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have international football sides, but the Isle of Man and Cornwall do not.

The fact that Northern Ireland is treated as a "nation"/"country", but Cornwall isn't, despite existing for ten times longer, and being a real nation.

The fact that the Church of Scotland is Presbyterian, but Presbyterians have been traditionally treated as "dissenters" in other parts of the UK.

The fact that Britain went to war over a couple of thousand islanders' right to "self-determination" in 1982, but Scotland and Wales had to wait til 1997 to get any choice, and that 50,000 Cornish get ignored.

The fact that Elizabeth gets refers to as Elizabeth II, even though in Scotland we never had an Elizabeth I.

I could go on. There's dozens more.

Anonymous said...

The Fact that Wales is not properly represented in international cricket, whilst Scotland and Ireland are.

Anonymous said...

The fact that the Scottish Parliament has tax raising powers, but the Welsh Assembly doesn't.

The fact that Welsh and Northern Irish AMs do not have to take the oath to the Queen of England, but MSPs do. And if MSPs refuse they lose their seat. In Westminster, they can keep their seat, but not sit in parliament like Sinn Fein.

The fact that Hong Kong (under the British) could have an Olympic team, but Scotland and Wales cannot. (Even though Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands etc can and do).

The fact that Scotland has its own education system, but the rest of the UK follows the English one.

The fact that the Royal Navy uses the St George's Cross in its ensign, in violation of the Treaty of Union of 1707. (Just about every article of the Anglo-Scottish Union has been violated)

The fact that Anglican Bishops have power in the House of Lords, and LegCo of the Isle of Man, but members of other churches/religions, including the Church of Scotland (established) do not (not that we necessarily want this).

There are a few inconsistencies which are unfair to England, but considering the treatment meted out to its neighbours, these are pretty minor.

Anonymous said...

you have to understand, The UK has been controlled by a foreign power and people since 1649. Their interests are paramount. The Prime Minister is little more than enforcer hired to protect their turf. As an example look at the sell-off of Britain's gold when Labour took office. This was tribute paid to this foreign power and people as a pay-off for allowing Labour to win office in 1997(they knew that gold was going to rise in value).

Alan in Dyfed said...

I assume you mean this "foreign power" to be England?
Or do you mean America?

Anonymous said...

No. not England or America. Who financed Cromwell? Those that own the gold make the rules.