Thursday, 24 July 2008

Vindication - We Predicted. He Won!

Independence Cymru predicted "a WIN for John Mason and the SNP" in the Glasgow East By-election, and that he would win "albeit with a small majority" (see this blog link below - "Independence Cymru predicts..."). We asked for a 23% swing and the swing to SNP was 22.54%.
Well, he won, with a small majority, and Alex Salmond's words, that it would be a "political earthquake" have been borne out by the facts. Now, politicians across the United Kingdom must sit up and take notice of the change which is about to sweep away the present constitution, and the growing and insistent call for greater devolution of power leading to independence for the nations of this island of Britain. The people of Glasgow East have shown to the world where their true allegiance lies, and it is with Scotland. No doubt Adam Price, and his merry band of Welsh SNP supporters, helped to make the difference.

SNP candidate John Mason has won the Glasgow East by-election with a 22.54% swing from Labour. Here is the result in full:

John Mason, SNP - 11,277
Margaret Curran, Labour - 10,912
Davena Rankin, Conservative - 1,639
Ian Robertson, Lib Dem - 915
Frances Curran, Scottish Socialist Party - 555
Tricia McLeish, Solidarity - 512
Dr Eileen Duke, Scottish Greens - 232
Chris Creighton, Independent - 67
Hamish Howitt, Freedom 4 Choice - 65
Turnout 42.25%


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