Monday, 28 February 2011

Saint David of Wales

St David’s holiday set for debate

PARLIAMENT is set to debate whether St David’s Day should be made a bankholiday in Wales.
In 2000, the National Assembly voted in favour of making March 1 a publicholiday, but the idea was blocked by Westminster.
The debate will now take place on March 2 after being secured by Ceredigion Lib Dem MP Mark Williams.
He said: “St David’s Day has massive cultural and historical significance in Wales and there have been calls for a public holiday for many years, so it is a real honour to make the case to the Government.
“A St David’s Day holiday would be a great opportunity to showcase our culture and heritage and could provide a boost to tourism.
“There is a great deal of support for a bank holiday, and I hope that we will soon be able to follow Scotland in making our national saint’s day a public holiday.”
The Scottish Parliament voted to make St Andrew’s Day a holiday in 2006 and St Patrick’s Day has been one in Ireland since 1903.

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