Friday, 1 February 2008

Campaign to Save the Wall - Cofiwch Dryweryn

The wall is falling down and £30,000 is required to save the wall on which the slogan "Cofiwch Dryweryn" has been a constant reminder for the past forty years. The farmer who owns the wall is willing for it to be repaired if the money can be found. We add our support to this campaign as another campaign in our catalogue of campaigns on behalf of the people of Wales. Tryweryn is the reservoir which was created by flooding a beautiful valley to supply cities in England with water.


Anonymous said...

I'll bet that the farmer is willing.

He'll get a free wall. Typical.

alanindyfed said...

You miss the point. The wall is part of a ruined cottage which no longer stands. It serves no purpose apart from being a national monument.

Anonymous said...

Ruined cottage that hardly stands, eh!

A National monument?

It's just some graffiti.

How come it's National monument?

Pray tell.

alanindyfed said...

It may be graffiti to some, but for true patriots it stands as a national monument. Many struggle for dignity and national recognition.

Anonymous said...

Typical tight arse welsh farmer, something for nothing.
They really get on my nerves, the something for nothing brigade.
No business sense whatsoever.
The only thing they are good for is taking tax payers money.
My home land farmers survive on very little!

Anonymous said...


Dafydd Gwynne said...

The point is the protest was painted in frustration at the destruction of a community. Such a statement needs to be preserved in order that we can learn from the errors we have made in the past. This is perhaps a true monument of the people and has become a National Monument by its continued presence. The farmer isn't being a cardi in wishing to have the wall restored for posterity. The anonymous blogger is showing his own bias as indeed did the politics of the time. At least Liverpool have now made their public piece. True Brits would support such funding to preserve this icon. Sadly if it isn't possible should it be dismantled and taken to St Fagans. I hope not as it has been part of my life as far back as I can remember in its various presentations. Is there a fund being organised by Ceredigion for its repair?

Hwyl fawr

Dafydd Gwynne

Dafydd Gwynne said...

Damn spell checkers! Peace!

Marika said...

Keep up the good work.

tyrnanoc said...

The wall stands as a warning that at that time, corporate greed trampled over social values, the welsh way of life was not understood in westminster. It should be preserved, and its meaning should be conveyed in schools in britain so that everyone can see that oppression is not something that happens in central america and the middle east, but on your doorstep. cofio dryweryn

John said...

monument has been vandalised.
thought people here should know.
sad day