Monday, 4 February 2008

The Major Political Parties - an Overview

The New Labour Party : a party which has few principles, let alone socialist principles, and little concern for the welfare of society. Has alienated public opinion through deception and devious practices, mismanagement, nepotism and incompetence.
The Conservative Party : lost its policies to New Labour, so is now trying to reinvent itself but lacks devolutionary initiative. Not very comfortable in a social democratic state and clings to the unionist status quo.
The Liberal Democratic Party : discussing abandoning the Democratic appellation by recognising the fact that there is little sign of liberal democracy returning to politics. Also lacking in enthusiasm for devolution.
The Welsh Nationalist Party - Plaid Cymru : the only party that puts the interests of the people of Wales first and maintains its radical outlook. Has progressive ideas for the reconstitution of communities and the restoration of social and national values.
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Normal Mouth said...

A rigourous and compelling analysis. You've convinced me.

alanindyfed said...

Knowing that you of all people would never indulge in sarcasm NM I am very pleased that you are convinced.
It was an overview with more than a nugget of truth in it, no?

Anonymous said...

PC, has on the whole some very poor candidates in my area.
From what I can see ,the reality is very different from the theory.
They flunked it last year, so I shall now stick with a party that at least has a chance of Governing.

alanindyfed said...

It depends on what kind of government you want. Send those candidates over here and we'll put them through their paces.