Monday, 11 February 2008

Wales, a Nation in Europe

Britain appears to have a very ambivalent attitude towards the European Community. It joined the European Common Market reluctantly. It rejected the adoption of the Euro as the universal currency in Europe. It opposed the holding of a referendum on the revised European constitution. It lacks the vision of many of the European leaders by pandering to its own electorate goaded on to oppose reform by the scurrilous media. It discriminates against its own citizens while admitting floods of European and non-European immigrants and it attempts to stifle the legitimate aspirations of its constituent nations of Wales, Scotland, Cornwall, Mannin and Ulster. Britain survives on sentiment and tradition and has no place on the contemporary European stage.
Let Wales secede and become what is already is, a nation within Europe, and not a fragment of a dissolute British Empire state.
This is the view of Independence Cymru.

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