Thursday, 21 February 2008

No Doubt Many British Citizens Could Not Pass

What is "Britishness" and why should it be perpetuated in this contemporary age, when Welshness, Scottishness and yes, Englishness, are the basis of our present reality? There is in fact no such thing as a common identity any more, though many still believe in the illusion that Britain is THE nation and the other nations are a part of it. Does this make any sense?


ryan said...

How many Welsh people could pass a Welsh citizenship test?

alanindyfed said...

More than there used to be!

Anonymous said...

The Welsh ARE the Britons anyway, and speak language faultlessly evolved from the Brittonic language.

I'd ask, while the English (no matter how much Brittonic blood is in them) have long spoken a blend of Old GERMAN & Norman FRENCH, are they culturally British anyway?

They're Anglo-Normans, and it's an Anglo-Norman culture which they're referring to when THEY speak of "Britishness" anyway, not a British one.