Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Remember Support for Patagonia Eisteddfod!

Rhys Meirion on a Mission to Save a Patagonian Eisteddfod

Wales' own Rhys Meirion, the world-class tenor from Ruthin, is heading out to Patagonia in April in an attempt to save the Trevelin Eisteddfod from extinction and he wants an army of supporters to follow him out there. Trevelin has proudly run its eisteddfod for over 100 years. But this year's may be the last if it does not raise money to cover the ever-increasing costs of mounting its annual festival. A smaller-scale version of the National Eisteddfod of Wales, it is attended by Welshfamilies from all over Patagonia who take pride in doing their utmost to win as many of the 100+ competitions as they can.

"It has always been a dream of mine to visit Welsh Patagonia and when I heard that the Trevelin Eisteddfod was in danger of dying, I had to do something to help," said Rhys. “We have set up a special website, www.rhysinpatagonia.com , with all the information about my trip and about the Eisteddfod. For each person who accompanies us on the official tour, we will donate £100 to the Eisteddfod's Funds."

The Trevelin Eisteddfod runs from 2 to 4 May in Trevelin, near Esquel in South West Argentina. Rhys Meirion will give 2 concerts in Western Patagonia and 3 in the East, as well as performances in Buenos Aires and at informal events. Rhys's three week tour will be from 23 April to 15 May 2008, and the tour will be no more than £2,500 per person.


Jeremy Wood


Anonymous said...

I think you will find that Trevelin's Eisteddfod has not been running over 100 years, that this year's Eisteddfod will not be the last whether money is raised by this tour or not, and that the Eisteddfod is certainly not in any danger of dying! What is this all about!!

alanindyfed said...

Don't ask me... I'm just passing it on!

bethan :) said...

Heyy, i was just wondering are you actually from patagonia?

alanindyfed said...

No, I'm not from Patagonia. I'm now living in Ireland, in beautiful west Cork. Waiting for Cymru Fydd to become a reality and then will move back there! alanindyfed

bethan :) said...

Aaah right ok cos my welsh teacher said to try and find contacts with a patagonian school or something to set up a video conference with them and i have no idea of how t go about it