Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Britain's Draconian Immigration Rules

Thousands of immigrant workers who came to the UK legally, and who work in key positions, are facing deportation under new immigration laws. In some cases their families have joined them in the UK, quite legally. At the same time Britain has thousands of illegal immigrants. These draconian immigration laws discriminate against legitimate residents and ignore the problem of illegal immigration. Again, British subjects who attempt to bring their non-EU spouses to settle in the UK face extreme problems in applying for legitimate settlement. This inhuman policy results in families being split up as the non-EU spouse is obliged to return to her home country to apply for settlement to rejoin her British husband, and the application process can take months. The effect upon the family, particularly where children are involved, is catastrophic and occasionally terminal for the relationship. British law is often devoid of justice and highly discriminatory.

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