Monday, 18 February 2008

Buenas Dias, Senores y Conchitas...

Independence Cymru is seeing how the land lies in Spain. The answer is : some flooding in the streets of this conurbation. The Basques are still restive, but that is happening far away, up in the north. Here it is very much expatriate country, though last time I was here there were a couple of explosions outside the big hotels. That type of behaviour is not the way to achieve independence in contemporary Europe and in Wales it is a matter of "Gently, gently, catchee monkey....", though one wonders at times whether one needs to be a little more active and vociferous. Fortunately, the Press have been quite well-balanced and relatively unbiased, and letters to the editor have been published in the main, along with the inevitable riposte!
Hasta luego, mes amigos!

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