Monday, 25 February 2008

Dydd Gwyl Dewi/St David's Day in Brittany

Dydd Gwyl Dewi/St. David's Day, Plouye./Bro Gembre/Cymru/Wales-Breizh/Llydaw/Brittany
Twinning commitee Carrog/Plouye/Comité de jumelage
Municipal hall Sat. 1st March 2008/Salle polyvolente
7 p.m. Beef à la Coreff,/Boeuf à la Coreff
Dessert, 12 euros./
9 p.m. Free Fest-Noz/Gratuit
Sonerien Ar Menez, Le Hir Father & Son, Marco Diraison-George Cadoudal, Yann Plougoulm, Michelle and Fanch Blejean, Jean-Marie Le Scraine and Lucien Lozac'h


Dydd Gwyl Dewi - Saint David's Day
Mawrth 1af / March 1st
Semana Santa - Easter week - Y Pasg
In Gaiman, Chubut from april 1th to april 8 th 2008
Eisteddfod Trevelin
In Trevelin, Chubut from may 2 and 3 th 2008
Gwyl y Glaniad
In Porth Madryn, Gaiman, Trelew. from july 27 th to july 29 th 2008
Eisteddfod de la Juventud - Youth Eisteddfod - Eisteddfod y plant
In Gaiman, Chubut from september 11 th to september 14 th 2008
Eisteddfod del Chubut - Eisteddfod y Wladfa
In Trelew, Chubut from october 23 th to october 26 th 2008
You are Welcome!!
TRIP PATAGONIA : Hydref - Tachwedd , 2008
Gaiman, Porth Madryn, Trelew.
Also to visit Buenos Aires , Bariloche, Esquel, Trevelin, El Calafate Glaciers and Iguazú Falls
Diddordeb ? Interested?
For more information contact us:
"Ty ´r Haul Gaiman"
tourist office in Gaiman and Buenos Aires
Mirna Jones & Armando Ferreira

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