Friday, 1 February 2008

Blogtrotting to Freedom for the Celtic Diaspora

From Blogtrotter (Ffionchu)

We are exiles within
our own country; we eat bread
at a pre-empted table. 'Show us,'
we supplicate, 'the way home',
and they laughing hiss at us:
'But you are home. Come in
and endure it,' Will nobody
explain what it is like
to be born lost?

from R. S. Thomas, 'The Lost';
published in: No Truce with the Furies (Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Bloodaxe Books, 1995).

This verse serves as my defense for all of us who claim our Celtic roots in the face of naysayers and buffoons. All of us who get jeered at for not having the right surname, degree, or passport. If the Net's to claim its territory as truly global, it's both a particular site and a world without borders for us to debate-- nationalism in a networked realm. A perfectly complicated, contradictory subject?

For those valiant few who are serious defenders of truth and justice and who are committed to the cause of freedom for their homeland I suggest that they take the time to read the deeply informative and educative writings of Ffionchu (see link).
Alan in Dyfed


Anonymous said...

from R. S. Thomas, 'The Lost';
published in: No Truce with the Furies (Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Bloodaxe Books, 1995).

Such Welshness

Can not even publish it in Wales
Double standards, what about the welsh book council????

The Finch said...

Lets have a few postings in Welsh

FionnchĂș said...

Ddiolch 'ch achos 'r bath eiriau, Alun. O'r gorau, Binc, 'ma A.

Dwi yn dysgu hychydig Cymraeg. Alla dorri 'n annichellgar Gwyddeleg, a all darllen 'i. Astudiais i mewn 'm rhyddha amsera. Carwn at ddysg Cymraeg 'n hawdda achos berson yn astudio Gwyddeleg - Dde Cymru, atfydd? Unrhyw ddrychfeddyliau?

Addefa a Arferais chyfrifiadur eiriadur achos chyfnertha. Ewigod hon gwna bwyll? Ddim exists achos 'm 'n egwan Gwyddeleg , hagen. Dwylla i mewn Cymraeg? Hwyl!