Thursday, 21 February 2008

Britain? No Thanks, we´re Leaving!

Recent statistics show that in 2006 207,000 people left the UK for good. In 2007 it was well over 350,000.
I met one of them yesterday, on the beach in Fuengirola. She is from Llanelli (her accent betrayed her origins) and has been here for eight years. She will not be going back. There are more than three million Britons now living permanently overseas. Meanwhile thousands of foreign immigrants are entering the United Kingdom for work or residence and many of them will apply for their families to join them here. What is the reason for so many British nationals to leave their native land, be it Wales, England or Scotland? : disillusionment, seeking a better life overseas in a country which not only has a better climate, but which has a rational and responsible government. This is a sad indictment on the state of Britain today.
Let us hurry forward Welsh and Scottish independence in order to stem the tide, and create a society which is significantly different from the one from which so many are fleeing!


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't your sidebar read:

Support our mercenaries?

Sudden amnesia eh?

You hypocritical twat.

Anonymous said...

Welsh and Scottish independence does not necessarily give one rational and responsible government automatically.

What is more important for everyone is not national government but reform of local government. Although Cardiff Bay may be nearer, it's nowhere as near as Llanelli or Carmarthen.

alanindyfed said...

Anon: people like you led us into the mess we are in.

Ryan, we know your first comment is not necessary true.
I agree that local government reform is ALSO necessary.