Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Incompetents and Separatists

The Welsh Labour MPs, led by the Huw Lewis and his wife from Torfaen, in company with Kim Howells, are mounting their campaign against Plaid naming them as "incompetents and separatists". These ill-chosen words are reminiscent of the branding of other parties as "inedible and unpalatable" of a few weeks ago. Four Labour AMs have come out against the coalition with Plaid. Unless Plaid is allowed to exercise power how can it be declared incompetent? Neither is Plaid separatist because it has never declared itself to be part of the Union. Brown's plan for Wales, though not spelled out as such, is to lock Wales into a written constitution for Britain. Whereas Plaid's coalition with Welsh Labour is straightforward with goodwill expressed on both sides there are forces which are attempting to undermine these arrangements, from reactionary Welsh Labour MPs and from within the British government led by Gordon Brown.
Plaid should view with suspicion the proposal which has been made for a "British Day" as well as the recent call for Union flags to be flown on all public buildings throughout "the British nation".
The truth is that Britain is not a nation but a composite state, consisting of the three nations of Britain plus Northern Ireland. The government's attempt to promote Britishness arises out of a concern that the independence movements in Wales and Scotland are gaining strength. It goes without saying that should these plans be put into effect there will never be the issuance of St. David's Day commemoration stamps or the declaration of a national holiday in Wales. The induction of the idea of Britishness into the psyche of the people of Britain is a relic of imperialism and the politics of yesterday, and discounts the aspirations of the many supporters of Plaid and the SNP.
Those who are working for the building of a better Wales and a national consciousness should be concerned at these political developments in Westminster and take these warning signs seriously.

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View from the Glen said...

Well I did wonder how long it would take them before they threw their toys out of the pram!