Sunday, 15 July 2007


What I'd do if I ruled Wales :

Review the immigration laws which curtail and prevent legitimate families of mixed nationality from living together in the country.

Set up an independent Home Office and Immigration Bureau.

Improve the road and rail systems.

Lower business taxes to encourage investment.

Give full biligual status to the Welsh language.

Boost tourism and develop tourist venues by opening up sites of Welsh struggles etc. to tourists.

Outlaw the dropping of litter and the posting of graffiti.

Adopt single place-names (no 'translations'), and correct existing names and spellings.

Issue stamps on St David's Day and declare a national holiday.

Mint a coin on transition to a Welsh Parliament.

Enhance self-contained communities by providing necessary services.

Encourage use of domestic micro-energy devices.

Make Wales self-sufficient in alternative non-nuclear power generation and water provision.

Put sensible structures at the entrances to Wales, not gimmicky sculptures.

Encourage small artisan and craft industries.

Reduce the Welsh 'brain drain'.

Build tasteful community-based affordable housing.

Provide sustainable housing by adopting innovative construction techniques.

Provide parks, playgrounds and leisure centres for all communities.

Establish a 'canton' system like Switzerland has.

Negotiate with England to redraw the border, to include areas once Welsh including those with Welsh place-names.

You are invited to add your own comments and personal grievances (mine is stated).

Alan in Dyfed

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Charlie Marks said...

I am being modest, I hope you will appreicate that...

In my first week I would:

Assert the right of local government to borrow money and invest in businesses in the interest of securing skilled employment for working people.

Insist that all political parties are legally constituted in Wales, rather than being subsidiary branches of Westminster parties.

I'd give up by this point, becuase I'm not about to be another English ruler of the Welsh!