Monday, 2 July 2007

"A New Dynamic"

As we had surmised it was a rainy evening in Carmarthen, and the Halliwell Centre was packed, as can be expected when a party leader comes to speak at a momentous time in the history of Wales. This was truly history in the making. Ieuan Wyn Jones spoke of a "new dynamic" in the politics of Wales. He was persuasive and uncompromising. This One Wales Agreement was the best option and the only logical way forward, after the weeks of discussion, negotiation, and agonised decision making. Together with Labour Plaid has achieved the best possible result and has succeeeded in putting its interests forward with cast-iron guarantees on the key proposals in the agreement.
There were, it is true, serious reservations expressed by members of the audience, yet Ieuan dealt with them cogently one by one, with logic, clarity and reassurance, and expressed the wish that they would give him their unqualified support in the forthcoming conference of the National Council. In his explanatory meetings throughout Wales Ieuan Wyn has addressed more than a thousand members and supporters, and is gratified that so much interest has been expressed by the people of Wales in the political process. There is indeed "a new dynamic" at work.

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