Wednesday, 25 July 2007

The New Dynamic in Politics

Much as been said, and most on this blog, about the politics of yesterday. The politics of yesterday is exemplified by the attitude of Welsh MPs at Westminster towards greater powers being given to the National Assembly. There are those who believe in devolution for the United Kingdom, but would rather that government be conducted within certain bounds. Thus, the governments of Wales and Scotland are forced to govern with one hand tied behind their backs. The fear, of course, which motivates the men and women of yesterday, is the eventual break-up of the union, and the decline of Britain as a world power. The days when Britannia ruled the waves, and Britain ruled the Commonwealth are dead and gone. The jingoists of yesterday, and their cohorts within Wales who proclaim their British identity with pride are out of tune with the "new dynamic", a phrase coined by Ieuan Wyn Jones in the weeks leading up to the emergence of a Plaid/Labour coalition government for Wales. Change is in the air and those who love Wales and seek a better life for the people of Wales are making a difference. The "new dynamic" is a reality. We are demolishing the myths which have been disseminated, and which are enumerated on another post, the myth that Plaid is propping up Labour, the myth that Wales is too small to go it alone, the myth that Wales cannot support itself, and so on and so on....... and no doubt there will be more myths to come. This can be regarded as a rearguard action by the people of yesterday, as they cling to the out-dated political conventions of the past, along with all the pomp and circumstance of it. As we have posted previously, Britain is a union of nations, with their own distinctive culture and heritage. It cannot be regarded as a nation in itself as some would lead us to believe. Power has for centuries been centralised in London and only now is it being reluctantly devolved. The national risings, led by heroes such as William Wallace, Robert de Bruis (Bruce), Prince Llywelyn and Owain Glyndwr all failed to stop the inexorable anglicisation of the Celtic nations which surround England (Angle-land). But because of the tenacity of the Celtic peoples, the Irish, the Scots and the Cymry, their culture and their language survived. We are now witnessing a revival in consciousness towards the language, the culture and the national identity. No longer is it inevitable that this unique and rich culture will be submerged in the sea of anglicisation, or dominated by those who proclaim their "Britishness". As we have said, the Welsh and Cornish are the true British in these islands.
The "new dynamic" in politics, as expressed by Ieuan Wyn, is firstly a method of discarding antagonistic political debate and an acceptance of consensus politics, and secondly a move towards a new and exciting future for the nation of Wales (Cymru), a future when Wales will take up the reins of power within its territory, extending from the Dee to the Severn. This is the bright new future which the new dynamic heralds. Those of us who have shaken off the shackles of yesterday look forward to that day when history will once again be made, a day which will be commemorated in the annals of the Welsh nation for evermore.

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