Monday, 30 July 2007

The Issue of Flags and the Union

Alwyn ap Huw makes a point about this contentious issue.

Wales ain't part of the Union!

Peter Hain and Huw Irranca-Davies (Ifor Huw Davies), pissed off with Cardiff Labour going into coalition with Plaid, against London Labour's wishes, are about to embark on a Summer Offensive to extol the advantages of the Union.

Chware teg, it's something to do during this rain swept summer and it beats swimming in the sea off Barmouth with the threat of killer sharks basking in Welsh waters!

Huw and Pete have a basic problem to address before they start their campaign, however:

Wales is not part of The Union.

The Union is a union of the Kingdom of England, the Kingdom of Scotland and what's left of the Kingdom of Ireland. Wales doesn’t come into the equation. Wales isn't on the Union Jack, or the Royal Standard because Wales isn't part of the Union. Wales is in the Union because it is included in the term Englandandwales. For Wales - see England, is Wales' status in the Union

Before offending us all summer with the benefits of the Union perhaps Pete & Huw should begin by explaining why Wales should be part of Englandandwales, rather than a full member of their Beloved Union that excludes Wales!

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Peter D Cox said...

Readers might like to see my own blog on the government's new flag waving proposals!
Maybe you'd like to go sign the petition - the link will be there as soon as it's approve by Number 10.