Friday, 6 July 2007

Time to Fly the Flag

It is all over bar the shouting, and no doubt the shouting will continue, down the dusty halls and corridors of Westminster. The grey men and women of old New Labour will have to accede to the bright new shiny progressive socialism of Welsh Labour, and to be honest, nothing will ever be the same again!
Now begins the alliance between the reds and the greens, that is until the time when the party partisans return to the streets to battle for votes in the next general and assembly elections.
By then Welsh politics will have moved on, and I see a very different complexion emerging from that which has typified the party politics of the past. Welsh Labour is undergoing a transition which in my mind is unstoppable and by 2011 Wales will be a very different place, as a new dawn and a new consciousness begin to take a hold of the nation. Central to this is the flag, fluttering in the breeze, and flown by many throughout the length and breadth of Wales. I have seen it in the gardens, in the streets, affixed to motor cars….
It is unusual and unique, and without the dragon it would be quite mediocre.
The protagonists of devolution ignored this salient symbol. The dragon has stirred, and once aroused becomes rampant. The myths of old have been created as a lesson and a warning, and in this case the warning is that dragons are not merely pretty embellishments. Consider the flag : the dragon is RED, the ground is GREEN and the WHITE symbolises purity and peace. There is more to it than meets the eye. In the morning I am off to Pontrhydfendigaid to see what 07/07/07 has in store.

Addendum : some bloggers are totally misconstruing some of my remarks and are obviously displaying a lack of understanding regarding the dynamics of the new political vision. ;-(
Needless to say, they are posting anonymously.

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Anonymous said...

I seem to remember that St. George had a way with recalcitrant dragons.