Thursday, 19 July 2007

A Call to Arms (see Valley Mam blog - "Rant...")

If we in Wales want a just and equitable society we need to have our own DWP department.
We also need our own immigration service and Home Office.
How do we achieve these things?
By a persistent and sustained drive to independence. People need to be convinced of this so let us spread the word, whether or not we belong to Plaid.
General Election in October 2007? Watch this space!


cleckanndra said...


For the sake of Chwarae Teg your posting here needs to point readers back to the wider discussion started by Valley's Mam on her blog 'A Rant - why is it easier to hit the vulnerable'.

cleckanndra said...

Late, tired and short-sighted.

Sorry. You did. In your Title.