Monday, 30 July 2007

Is Britain a Sham?

Let us consider the British constitution and examine the entity named 'Britain'.
Britain has a flag - the Union Jack. Wales is not represented.
Britain has a Monarchy - Wales is not represented on the Royal Standard. Yet Wales has a Prince.
Wales, Scotland and England are nations, within Britain. Britain is also called a nation.
Scots have opted out of flying the British flag. They have their own flag, the saltire.
Wales is not part of the Union. It is included with England as England-and-Wales.
Wales was united with England under the Statute of Wales, passed on 19 February 1284. Union with England was entrenched with the passage of Acts in 1535 and 1543 whereby parliamentary taxation was extended to Wales, and English common law applied in the principality.
The Union is the Union of England-and-Wales with Scotland.
The Isle of Man has its own Parliament - the Tynwald.
The islands of Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney and Sark are not part of the Union.
Are there not serious deficiencies and defects in the British Constitution?



Anonymous said...

It is a corrupt rogue state
you can google search "Hutt River Province" too

Common Law allow individual secession .
Could all separatists secede from the UK and create a country called ... let's say "Cymru" !

Anonymous said...

when the monarchy collapses (soon I hope !) Jersey and Guernsey will be de facto fully independent ....

Only the title of "Duchy of Normandy" links it to the UK (QEII hold this title )

alanindyfed said...

So they would!
We're heading for interesting times...