Sunday, 1 July 2007

All Wales Accord v. One Wales Agreement

The All Wales Accord is posted on Rhodri Glyn's blog :
so now you can compare its provisions with the One Wales Agreement posted by Ted Jones, on my "June blog list" - click on June at the right side.


Charlie Marks said...

I'd like to have seen a firm commitment to citizen-initiated referenda -- giving the people of Wales the chance to direct legislative change -- in the Our Wales Agreement. Hopefully both Scotland and Wales will get the citizens' initiative, allowing for a more direct democracy.

Rodrigo said...

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alanindyfed said...

What connection do personalised T-shirts have with the Agreements on coalition?


cleckanndra said...

Alan I'd be interested in yoiur views on 'Historic Week for Wales'
I've posted on Cleckanndra.blogspot.

Coalitions (for the sake of keeping Labour in power) is one thing - the people's voice and the continuation of a vigorous opposition is another.

Also pls let me have your proper blog address I've got in wromg on my fav blogs and want to amend it.