Monday, 23 July 2007

Where We Stand

This blog is entitled : Independence Cymru.
You may ask independence from what?
Independence from "Britain" and its present form of constitution.
In a sense, every country is, and has to be, interdependent. Gwynfor Evans saw Wales as being a nation among nations, not an appendage of Britain, or united with it constitutionally.
He saw Wales as a free and independent nation among a family of nations, the United Nations. Wales is seen to become a nation within Europe, as Ireland is, free to trade with other nations. It is separate now, swallowed up in Britain, and therefore is neither independent nor self-determining. It governs itself with one hand tied behind its back. This is not healthy for Wales. "Healthy" means "Whole", from a similar Saxon root-word. Independence is wholesome, and stands side by side with interdependence. The Cornish motto is "One and All". It could well apply to the "Welsh" of Cymru, as well as the "Welsh" of Cornwall ( = Welsh of the Horn).
For more on this read Scaremongering Myths below, where Gwyn Hopkins defines independence. The path towards independence is clear and fully justified. We are not talking hot air, but are serious and committed and have a mission to bring about the conditions for the advent of independence. We are not all commentators, as some bloggers are; we are activists, working for Wales. We should not need reminding, but Plaid Cymru is the one and only party representing Wales, and its raison d’etre is the cause of independence. There is no self-interest here - only Wales first. As with Sinn Fein, politics is just a means to an end.

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