Wednesday, 22 August 2007

The Argument for Ending the Union

What is Britain? First of all it is an island, a geographical area on the map.

Secondly, it is a grouping of nations governed by a central authority based in London, the capital city of England. Thirdly it is a financial and economic powerhouse and a constituent member of the European Union and the United Nations.

In the recent past it has been involved in two major wars and has suffered drastically in terms of infrastructure at home and domination overseas. During the past millennium it has fought against the Welsh, the Scots, the Irish, the French, the Spanish, the Dutch, the Boers, the Americans, the Russians, the Indians, the Chinese, the Turks, the Sudanese, the Egyptians, the Afghans, the Germans, the Italians, the Japanese, the Argentines and the Serbs. For Britain read England.

If you believe in karma, think of this: the chickens are coming home to roost, and what goes around comes around. There is no question of disloyalty in thinking this way, as loyalty is to one’s nation, whether native or adopted. Britain is not a nation.

Britain is a union of nations which were incorporated following years of oppression.

The fact that Scotland allied with France, and Ireland allied with Germany reinforces this view, as England and its conquering armies was the enemy of both nations. The colonisation of Ireland was an act of war against a people who wished to be left alone to live in peace. Instead of this they were forced to defend themselves, and shed their blood for the freedom to live at peace in their own land, and ally with other nations to gain support for their just cause. In Scotland the banning of the wearing of the tartan and the enclosure of lands similarly brought about great distress and tribulation.

We are now in this new century reaping the results of these cruel and destructive acts perpetrated by England and its government against its neighbours.

It may be argued that these events are nothing to do with us, as they took place long ago and were the acts of our forefathers. But this is no absolution in my opinion, as we have inherited this situation, and the deeds of the forefathers are passed down and visited upon succeeding generations. It is therefore our duty and responsibility to redress their intransigence in this present age. In the days of King Edward I of England, and King Henry VIII there was no referendum for the Welsh people. They were forcibly annexed and incorporated into the English realm, like it or not. Some liked it, no doubt, as they do today, these people who still proclaim a British identity, and are “first British, then Welsh” or “first Welsh, then British”. It means nothing – one cannot be both, or one is accepting the fact of Wales being England – annexed, incorporated and subsumed, lost in the illusory ocean of “Britishness”. Let us all face and accept this reality : there is no ‘Britain’ as a nation. British = English. Those who proclaim their Welshness are in fact accepting the fact that they are English and inextricably a part of the Union, a union instigated by infidels - unless of course they perceive the truth, and reject the term “British” along with the iniquitous Union.


Anonymous said...

I wish you would discuss some of the benefits of the Union. Arguments like your really put me off independence.

It's just feels like a childish, one-sided throughs. You should pause and consider the disadvantages.

alanindyfed said...

Please note: I am arguing against the Union not for it. Undoubtedly there are some benefits but I would rather leave that to others to argue for them, as I do nor believe in the Union and do not wish to promote it.

johnny foreigner said...

Alan says....

British = English.

johnny says....

Therefore, you are British.

Deal with it.

Irrespective of your self-proclaimed "allegiance" to Wales, you remain an Englishman.

Why have you abandoned and rejected the 'land of your birth'?

As you are a person who has worked outside the UK for over 20 years, teaching the language of your 'nemesis', your sudden allegiance to Wales puzzles me.

Why do you despise the notion of Britishness? We are all British on these islands, including you.

Our Britishness has produced our wealth, security and status in the World. Our Welshness is part of this.

In fact, your British status enabled you to follow your chosen career. Your new-found allegiance to Wales is a mystery to me.

Then, despite your alleged loyalty to Wales, you depart these shores for twenty years, presumably as part of the 'brain drain' and exhort others not to do so.

Further, you now seek to impose your opinions on native born Welshmen such as I. I am constantly chided by you for my allegiance to the UK, Britain, Her Majesty and the Union, yet such was your love for Wales you spent 20 years away teaching English. Was it that bad Alan?

You truly are an enigma.

An explanation of your Welshness would be so helpful.

Your piacular pal.


alanindyfed said...
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alanindyfed said...

JF : I have made my position clear on my blog.
I do not have to answer to you.
I do not reply to personal questions.

johnny foreigner said...


I am sorry that my sincerely asked questions appear to have offended you. This was not my intention.

Please be assured that I have no wish to pry into your personal matters, but I think you must concede that your position is somewhat enigmatic to the casual observer.

Your 'pologetic pal.


alanindyfed said...

My second name is Enigma (not Inigo)

alanindyfed said...

My second name is Enigma (not Inigo)

Keir Hardly said...


You cant write such hackneyed tosh and not expect JF to ask you such questions.

There is no argument for ending the union apart to feed your outdated notion of some sort of nationalist uptopia. In a world where we have no real borders, why put up more?

And if you are such a staunch supporter of the welsh language, why do you blog in english? i wonder why? Because you wouldnt have anyone reading it if you wrote it in welsh.

Anonymous said...

For Britain read England

typical celt shite.

alanindyfed said...

You are entitled to your opinion but we have a different outlook.
There are very valid reasons for ending the Union, and I have said nothing about putting up borders.
That is myth-making.
I can write far better in Engish than Welsh, so I do.

alanindyfed said...

Anonymous, you do not reveal yourself but are content to hurl execratory remarks. Shame on you.

johnny foreigner said...

Thank you for your supportive response, Mr. Hardly.

Let's not upset Alan with any more awkward questions as he clearly has no reponse to offer, other than:

"I do not have to answer to you.
I do not reply to personal questions."

Alan clearly has no wish to engage in conversation, particularly when it questions his own enigmatic standpoint.

My questions were posed in good faith, and with no wish to pry, but, as this is Alan's blog, I would not dream of upsetting him here. There are many other blogs on which he posts, so we can upset him and ask awkward questions there.

As Alan persists in this ridiculous standpoint it comforts me somewhat to know that his Daily Nationalistic Diatribe is no more than a source of amusement for such as you and I.

It certainly lends no credence to his Nationalistic views.

Long may he continue.

Your persistently postulative pal.


alanindyfed said...

JF. Thank you for your faith in me, and I will continue to demolish your arguments, one by one. I hope you will continue to be equally amused when our hopes are finally realised.

johnny foreigner said...

Excuse me! Have I missed something?

Exactly when have you demolished any argument of mine?

Your continued failure to answer my cleverly worded questions is a constant source of amusement to me.

Keep at it! One day, as others have hoped, you will provide answers that will demolish your own arguments.

Have a nice day.

Your painfully persistent pal.