Thursday, 16 August 2007

A Conversation with Paul Flynn, M.P.

Your analysis in "Huw's Lament" (from his blog) is correct, and your perception of his failure to back the right horse is accurate. His actions have only resulted in exacerbating the divisions between Welsh Labour in the Assembly and the Welsh MPs at Westminster. His alignment with the latter has done him no good, as they and he are out of touch with present political realities.
The government in Wales lies with the Assembly and not with a clique of disgruntled MPs. I trust you will continue to support the new dynamic of Rhodri and Ieuan.

Thanks very much Alan. I have said something similar on today's (August 16th Blog) blog. wales 20:20 cannot have nay credibility while the sponsors remain anonymous. This is the best time for a decade in Welsh politics with solid grounds for hope of future success. why wallow in our rock bottom failure on May 3rd?


johnny foreigner said...

Talk about name dropping.

What's up Al? No news today from Nationalist Nirvana?

A simple blog response is now "A conversation with Paul Flynn M.P.".

Presumably this is the same Paul Flynn, one of the Westminster backbenchers, that you continually refer to as "yesterday's men and dinosaurs".

Somewhat two faced, I believe.

Why am I not surprised?

Your putative pal.


ryan said...

I agree that the governance of Wales should be done from the Senedd. We have an administration and it ought to be used to our advantage.

But to suggest that it's over for Labour in Wales is wrong. The problem is that Labour in Wales is not a truly Welsh institution. This will change and I'm sure the 20:20 debate will act as a catylist.

Btw, I have added a link to your blog on my own blog.