Saturday, 4 August 2007

Further Input on the Republic of Cymru

Submitted by "Tirion"

Rhyddid -Tegwch -Cymuned

The State

The name of this new state should be Cymru. It could be an independent democratic republic and Welsh could take its rightful place as the official national language.

Bill of Rights

The rights of all citizens regardless of race, colour, language or creed will be safeguarded in a bill of rights.


The sovereignty of Cymru will rest with its citizens. Good citizenship, achievements etc could be honoured by the Gorsedd y Beirdd during the Eisteddfod festival.


The Arlywydd (President) shall be head of state. Yr Arlywydd will feature prominently in public life and represent Wales abroad.
The Prif Weinidog (PM) will act as head of government.
The Attorney General is appointed by the PM to advise government in matters of the law.
The new Ministries could replace Quangos with policy’s determined by the PM with cross party subject committees to scrutinise policy.
The Senedd (Parliament) will have legislative authority and the Cynulliad (Assembly) might assist in scrutinising and amending proposed legislation.
A Treasury would collect tax revenues and approve budget allocations sanctioned by the Senedd
Regional Councils will provide a link between local and national government and coordinate economic and social policy at regional level.


Use of the Urdd within the education system would assist in extra curriculum activities such as trips, exchanges between north and south Wales, summer camps, sports and to instil motivation, fun and good citizenship.

National Bank

A national bank shall monitor the economy and advise the government accordingly and represent Cymru in the World and European Banks.


The Judicial system would manage criminal and civil court proceedings. The victim would be central to criminal hearings giving input on sentencing. Priority then would be given to the rehabilitation of the offender. Repeat offenders and violent offenders face stiffer sentences.


The nations defence could be based on the Suisse institution somewhere between a militia and a regular army. National armoury’s providing a safe environment for local gun clubs to meet.

Diolch i Dirion


Anonymous said...

You must have read Jan Morris's "A matter of Wales"?

Anonymous said...

Not familiar with Jan Morris's "A matter of Wales"
But I have drawn inspiration from a number of different sources such as "Independant Wales"