Monday, 13 August 2007

Myths about Wales as an Independent Nation

Plaid Cymru is the Only Party which works for you the Welsh People and for the benefit of the Welsh Nation. We have observed that others have engaged in scaremongering tactics to discredit the emergence of Wales as an independent nation.

Here are three of the myths that have been circulated. None of them are true.

MYTH No.1 – Wales would cut itself off from other countries.

FALSE – Wales would work and trade interpendently with other countries. It would still remain a nation within Europe, the United Nations, and possibly retain Commonwealth links.

MYTH No.2 – Wales is too small to go it alone.

FALSE – Malta, Cyprus, Singapore, Ireland and Iceland among many are all small but successful countries. There are 53 independent countries in the Commonwealth with 32 of them (60%) having smaller populations than Wales (2.9 million).

MYTH No. 3 – Wales cannot afford to be independent.

FALSE - Wales has ample resources and expertise. It is no accident that all of Western Europe’s small independent countries are considerably more prosperous than Wales – Luxembourg, Norway, Ireland and Andorra are just four of more than a dozen examples.

What kind of Wales do you wish for, in your years of employment and as you enter retirement, and what do you wish for your children and grand-children?

Global adventurism leading to increase of terrorist activity? Iraq, Al Quaeda? Corporate greed and indiscriminate development. Proliferation of weapons, and the huge expense incurred in their production and deployment?

OR :

Peace and prosperity at home. Good employment prospects in your own country. Sustainability brought about by home production and consumption. Affordable housing and sensible planning policies. Health services at your door.

It is your choice – Plaid is the Party of Wales.

For more on Myths please read "Dispelling Groundless Scaremongering Myths" by Cllr Gwyn Hopkins in my July blogs.

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