Tuesday, 28 August 2007

A Slur on Plaid's Stance on Independence

In today's "Western Mail" a certain gentleman from Blackwood has claimed that Plaid Cymru lied to the Welsh people on the question of independence. Here is my response :

As Nigel Dix of Blackwood has made adverse comments and has mentioned my name in Tuesday’s Western Mail I would like to correct his mistaken impression of Plaid’s stance on the independence issue. Far from lying to the Welsh people as he claims Plaid has always had the avowed intent to press for independence. In fact it is part of its raison d’etre and always has been since the founding of the party. Some years ago, however, it was seen that the Welsh people were not ready for independence and it was put on the “back burner”. Now, with the success of the SNP and the present mood of the people of Scotland , the issue has been brought forward and made prominent once again. I have to refute Nigel Dix’s slur on the behaviour of Plaid and deny that Plaid would ever lie to the Welsh people when its task is to strive for a better Wales and provide the opportunities for Welsh communities that have long been neglected by successive Unionist governments.

Those who aim to denigrate Plaid in the eyes of the Welsh people will receive their answer in the years to come. Rather than being a contentious and disputed issue independence will be a reality.

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